Showing Off my Knife Skills

in #foodlast month


My parents came to visit me yesterday as it was a Sunday. So it means I was going to have some of my Mom's Cooking and as a good son, I asked my mom to let me handle all the chopping. Now due to this lockdown, my chopping skills had gone to a whole another level and for some weird reason, I wanted to show that off to my Mom.


In the beginning, I started slicing very thin slices of Kundri which is the vegetable you see above. My mom saw that and kinda scolded me by saying we are making home food out here not a 5-star restaurant quality dish so chop fast and no need to be precise. I guess my mom prefers quickness over precision when it comes to Chopping.


Once all the chopping was done I tossed that into the Pan and fried them lightly so that all the water comes out of the Kundri. It did take some time as the vegetable is quite watery and all in all a good Veggie to eat.


Once the Kundri was cooked enough I added some Turmeric Powder, Chilli Powder, and some Salt to finish off the Dish and now it's all done. Sometimes simple cooking with minimum things also tastes good and unique as you get to taste each and every flavor Individually.