Chicken Nuggets 🍗

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Greetings and Salutations,

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Today I'm gonna share with you the recipe of "Chicken Nugget"


Bread crumbs
Ginger garlic paste
Red chili powder
Cumin powder
Coriander powder
Black papper


Take a blender. Get chicken pieces and blend them well. Take out in a dish. Get all the spices, ginger garlic paste and bread crumbs. Mic with hand. Have a good mixture so that all ingredients get mixed together well. Take small amount and give them a shape you like. Put a pan in the stove. Heat oil. Then put all the nuggets a d get fried into golden brown color. Take out in a dish and serve.

Serve in the Iftar Table with Tomato Sauce.

Video Recipe:

As simple as that!

Happy Cooking!!



I also like to eat chicken nuggets 👍

Good recipe because they are prepared at home, not like the frozen nuggets that we are used to and are not as nutritious.

Thanks for your appreciation.