Rich in omega-3: Ζucchini

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You will find a lot of people among nutrition fanatics who swear in the name of omega-3 fatty acids. 

These people have a reason for that, because omega-3 acids are a strong health booster and also increase the feel-good factor when you consume them. 

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The main natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids are fish, while you can also take omega-3 supplements, which are produced from processing various types of natural food sources, such as fish, again. 

However, vegetables can contain omega-3, as well. Zucchini is such a vegetable. In fact, zucchini combines all the other health benefits that come from eating vegetables, and getting the all-essential omega-3, at the same time. 

What is more, zucchini is a great value-for-money vegetable, as it can be bought fresh at a very low price, which can be unbelievably low sometimes. If you compare its price with the price of salmon, for example, you can notice a very big difference. Thus, the humble and underestimated zucchini can prove to be an affordable health-boosting treasure that can also help you in keeping a healthy pocket. 

Other than that, zucchini does not have as many calories as other food sources from animals that contain omega-3 fatty acids. This is an excellent reason for those who keep a close eye on their weight to choose it over other food sources that are rich in omega-3 but also make you fatter. 


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