Food and Health Awareness | Guava, The Fruit Loved by So Many

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Guava is a delicious and sweet fruit generally grows in tropical weathers areas. The scientific name of guava is Psidium guajava. Round or pear-shaped, yellow, pale green, or brown shape when ripen. It has brown or white flesh and has small hard seeds wrapped in sweet and soft flesh, depending on its type. It is mainly eaten raw or served in the form of jams, jellies, and juices.

Health Benefits of Guava

The traditional saying is "Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away". While in Europe and America, in their usual growing tropical and subtropical regions, the phrase can be converted to "some guava in the season can take doctors away for the whole year." The health benefits of guava are:

Antioxidant Properties

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in guava is four times higher than orange and helps in improvement of the immune system.
Improves Thyroid Health
Guava provides a high amount of copper, which helps in production and maintenance of thyroid hormones and maintains metabolic activities. Thyroid hormones are very important for regulating metabolism and energy production in the body.

Eliminates Diarrhea & Dysentery

Guava has astringent characteristics that can help treat many gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery. Whether you chew guava leaves or eat raw guavas, the quality of astringency increases the intestinal material and reduces diarrhea.

Dental Care

In addition to leaflets, guava fruit has many benefits. Guava juice is known to improve swelling, mouth ulcers, toothache, and accelerate the wound healing process when used topically.

Treats Cough & Cold

Immature and ripened guava juice or stew helps relieve in cough and cold by reducing mucus, eliminating airways, throat, and lungs and inhibiting microbial activity through its effects. The essence of astringency.


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@cryptokraze The good, taste crazy flavor, amazing and healthier. I like very fresh and hard or green for to eat, without to do juice.

We don't have guavas here in Kashmir. But I have always loved the juice available.
Great to know the benefits of such an amazing fruit.
Though I remember I never could memorize the spelling of this fruit in my kindergarten :D

That is cool about kindergarten memory

Good to know these other guava benefits other than it contains Vitamin C, @cryptokraze!

And about dental care - I've heard people in the olden days used guava leaves to clean their teeth and mouths. 😊 My aunts and parents used to tell me their grandparents used guava leaves for oral and dental care. I guess that's the time a toothbrush has not been invented yet, or too inaccesible or expensive for them to get.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

Wow thank you for sharing this great healthly write up. I love guava also but i never knew the health benefit attached to it. Thank you for sharing it with us because i have gained a lot in this article

There are also some health benefits with the leaves of the guava too, you can use them to make tea and it helps with inflammation issues, packed with vitamin C, antibacterial, lowers cholesterol, helps regulate blood sugar levels after eating, helps with insomnia, but you can also apply it topically to help tighten skin, and brew a batch of guava water pour it on your hair (cool) massage, it helps with hair loss, plant medicine is amazing, not only are the fruits beneficial but the leaves as well.

Great post up above and reply! I will have to eat more guavas and also pay more attention to the leaves of the fruits in the garden. Many of us skip to just the fruit, forgetting that many parts of the tree are very medicinal as well. In the philippines the coconut tree is considered the tree of life. We use every part of the coconut tree for everything you can imagine. =)

I have a cold and am coughing really badly,i will eat uripe guava so tha it can help relieve it.

Great post.
I like this food.

Not only the guava fruit is good for health but also the guava leaf tea is consumed by people for relaxation purpose. By the way, the phrase you recreated was also too impressive.

yeah. I also like guava so much. thank you for your sharing

I love the fruit. It is tasty. My grandma boils guava leaves to obtain tonic for stomach discomfort. The liquid has a distinctive aroma but its not bitter. I dislike bitter herbal preparations. Guava trees were one of the common garden trees when I was growing up. Then, my grandma had a guava tree that produces fruits with brown flesh. However, well ripe guavas are not easily available in my area now. Let me blame urbanization and people's ignorance of its benefits. Thank you @cryptokraze for the information.

It seems very good to eat guava from the tree !!
like your food and health awareness type post..and I also try to write about this topic
Thanks sir @cryptokraze

I first tried guavas in Thailand and they were delish! It's so hard to find the perfectly ripe ones anywhere else though!

Thanks for your sharing. I have just eaten a guava ^^

Yes its exactly true that an apple in a day keeps you Doctor away but a guava keeps you more. Its also prevent your stomach from acidity. And its my most favourite fruit as well thanks for sharing such informative details about guava