✨✨Summery Fruits✨✨

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✨✨Happy Saturday. ✨✨
✨✨It's getting to that point in the year when I realize my favorite fruits/ berries are going out of season and suddenly want to eat them with everything. It's also been the kind of summer where I thought I'd have more time to catch up on random things but just keep getting behind because tourist season+food industry+too many people in town=me 🤪😵. I'm happy to say I've really enjoyed the season though.✨✨
✨✨Anyway, what's been your favorite summer memory?✨✨


Hi, just checking in to say hi. I've missed your posts! This is @lily-da-vine attempting to rebuild this new account after loosing access to my old one. Hope you're good, your food certainly looks good!

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