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Awesome, the pie itself looks like you put a lot of work into it. That's quite a lot of ingredients too. And well it's well done. Honestly you're a really professional at doing all these cooking. Cheers Summer

The little crust shapes are so much fun. That is usually my favorite part to eat.

Wow...thos looks cool food post 👌😅😋😋😋😋😋 I must try make also this.

Wow! You make pies too! Yum! Looks amazing as always!

But I just wanted to stop by and say damn I'm good. No wonder I haven't worked a real job in over decade! lol

So, as predicted...we hit 20 cents and bounced off it quite strongly. In fact we got there faster that I thought. Expect a bounce up to about .23 or so and some sideways action and then we will see. Fingers crossed .20 is a bottom....but too early to call that.

Hope you are well! I'm sure that pie won't last long, enjoy!

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@gringalicious - I'm sorry I found this post too late to vote - but I wanted to say I love that pie crust recipe. I have a blackberry bush just starting to bear ripe berries and my husband's best friend is coming from Chicago for a visit. His favorite dessert (which I intend to surprise him with) is blackberry pie and I can't wait to try your crust recipe! Thanks for sharing. 😘