Crop Rotation in the Garden

in #food5 months ago


It is time once again to pull out the old and plant the new as the seasons change.


The petunias had given up their Summer glory, so I replaced them with a geranium.


The leaves on the cherry tree have already started to turn Fall yellow.


The whiskey barrel, which a few weeks ago provided a nice crop of potatoes is now home to cabbage.

The whiskey barrel provides protection from my main garden nemesis.

IMG_20210804_140915736 (2).jpg

The chipmunks routinely enjoy the fruits of my labor especially when planted directly in the ground where they have access. Not even fencing can stop these varmints as they simply burrow under the fence. Fortunately, there are certain plants that the chipmunks will not eat. Unfortunately young cabbage are definitely on the MENU! Thus the whiskey barrel which is too tall for these critters to climb over.

IMG_20210830_155006717_HDR (3).jpg

A few more cabbage, the odd leak and some Brussels Sprouts were all planted this week.


The collards are of course planted throughout the garden. The interesting thing about collards is that until there is a hard frost the leaves are way too bitter to eat, in my opinion anyway.


The peppers and two patio tomato plants are all that is left of the Summer garden.


I planted this cabbage in the early Spring but sadly a caterpillar had destroyed its leaves and it never matured. And yet with the changing of the season, the caterpillar is gone and now the plant is flourishing. All the hole ridden leaves have fallen off and I suspect that I will actually be able to harvest this cabbage.


I am not so sure about its neighbor, but you never can tell since life does find a way.

Lastly, I want to share with you the Rosemary which is looking fantastic.


So how is your garden coming along? Are you planting a Winter garden?


That is all from the garden this week.


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You have a lovely garden! I really like the barrels!
My main enemy used to be the eastern grey squirrel but everyone has been cutting down their trees lately (including us) so it seems there's a lot less of them.
My potatoes are still going strong. Some of my pumpkins are starting to die off though, leaving an empty space in the garden. I don't know what I should plant there. What do you think? Winter is coming. Is kohlrabi is cold weather crop? Maybe I could plant spinach...

Spinach and green leaf lettuce are always great choices in the early Fall since both are very productive. I am planting vegetables that can handle a hard frost and even the rare snowfall. Thanks for reading and the reply.

Thank you for the suggestions!

Nice foto