A protein, a veggie, a carb.

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Whether instilled into me by my parents or ingrained through state curriculum, I am not sure of the origins of this standard in my head.

Yet, every time I reach to make a meal, this same old adage comes back to me - a protein, a veggie, a carb. Three elements that make up the perfect plate.


Growing up, I never imagined how difficult it would be figuring out what to prepare every day - much less actually having to prepare it! But coming back to this simple guide helps.

It got me thinking about how in many things, the closer we get towards perfection, the simpler the end result becomes. The best way to serve Wagyu, for example, isn't dressed in a thick sauce or marinated for hours. It's a dash of salt followed by a quick sear on each side.

The same principle goes towards making a meal. In place of complexity, simply starting with the base of a protein, a veggie, and a carb can help you prepare a dish that is both fulfilling and delicious.

However, just because things are simple doesn't mean they are easy. It takes mastery to prepare that wagyu steak perfectly. To that end, I can remind myself that there is always something to work towards and improve upon.

Luckily, my air fryer has mastered most of it for me these days.

Note: Since I forgot to mention in my first post, wanted to give a quick shout-out to the person who recommended Hive to me! Much appreciated @thatkidsblack~


The meal holy trinity hahah

I just need the damn recipes! Lol I follow the textbook to get solutions, I don’t get creative til I can at least hack it with my eyes closed. We just tryin to create network effects, that’s all.

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