13K walk & out for dinner tonight

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Today i went for a 13K walk which gives me a total since Monday of 55K walked, only walking due to not been able to run because of ankle
For dinner tonight we are all going out to Lone Star in palmy, i will be having the garlic prawns..mmmmm
Image result for lone star garlic prawns

Cant wait as i am quite hungry after my walk

Hope all of you are having a good day!

This is me @kiwiscanfly
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Walking 13km per day, that's pretty hard thing for me to archive! Enjoy the meal, yeah your body need that now!


dinner was very nice - had my prawns now its time to relax...

Good result walk. Have a great weekend

Thanks for that - more walking tomorrow :)

Got to crawl before you can walk ...


Walking is kinder to your joints [not those ones, the ones that bend] than running.
you will appreciate this as you get older.

Wow. 13k is a long walk. Well done! You definitely deserve that Lone Star dinner.

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