The Old Dog is Appointed: As a Judge!

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The call has finally been made to me and I’ve officially been appointed as a judge! Imagine, I’ve never even been on jury duty and I’m going straight to being a judge! 

Yes OK ,fine, it’s not to the Supreme Court or anything… or even to a district or county court for that matter, but it’s actually happened. I’m a judge! 

Wow, what a place to work! Lot's of pressure though! In my case the judging will be fun and everyone wins in one way or another! Oh and I'm judging from home.

How Did The Old Dog Become a Judge?

So the other day, like many of you, I was doing a little promoting on and I got a pm from @englishtchrivy and she asked if I would be the judge of the Steemit Culinary Challenge. Now before you go thinking "big deal" keep in mind 2 things:

1.) There is Big Prize money on the line. Check this out! 

trophy design - by @vegascomic

2.) The prizes are donated by a who’s who of Steemit. Did you notice who they are?

@smooth The number 11 ranked holder of Steempower! 

@sirwinchester One of Steemit's biggest and fastest rising stars. Number 6 in reputation at a whopping 73!

@knozaki2015 No slouch himself with over 1220 followers and a very healthy wallet!

 I’m bursting! My mother would have been so proud!

Past Judges Are Superstars on Steemit!

Let me give you just one example of a past judge @papa-pepper. One of the coolest, most interesting, imaginative, talented and diversified people I have ever come into contact with. He started at zero and now he’s a home grown Steemit hero! My hats off to you @papa-pepper. You’ll be a tough act to follow but I’ll do my best. 

This Weeks Contest is Easy

There are only 3 criteria this week:
1.) Make a pasta dish. Hey you have to cook anyway so take a few snap shots and fire up a post. The top 5 get prizes! 

2.) It’s got to be easy to prepare so even The Old Dog could make it and impress @lellabird60

3.) Presentation is important. The Old Dog loves beautiful things, including food! Actually especially food!

Is Your Language Spanish? 

We want to hear from you and @englishtchrivy has set up a team of translators if you need help! @dresden, @juanmiguelsalas and @nelyp are willing to help translate recipes from Spanish to English. If you ask them for help, don't forget to do likewise. 

How to Enter?

 Just head over to @englishtchrivy's post and follow the steps! Don't forget to upvote her post, she did a lot of work or the Steemit community!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about me being appointed a judge and that you'll enter the contest that I can Judge YOU!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


@papa-pepper I second the motion

Thank you for the outstanding support to the Steemit Culinary Challenge @kus-knee ! Am so touch for the support! Thank you very much!

One of the coolest, most interesting, imaginative, talented and diversified people I have ever come into contact with.

If that is what you think of @papa-pepper, you either need to come in contact with more people, or I have truly been blessed with a great compliment!

THANKS @kus-knee! Judge that food - I think it's guilty!

Totally sincere my brother! A little tough making this post as I'm up in Munich right now working from a tablet.

Enjoy your judging, and testing the food (I hope you will make the food and test it by tasting)

I will definitely try some the winning recipes.

I reckon you'll make a great judge!

Thanks I'll do my best!

Thanks for your trust in me !