Fast food the Croatian way.

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One of my friends, when asked what his favorite food was responded:


His answer shocked everyone in presence.

He could have said: "Janjetina, Fuži sa tartufima, Pašticada, Brudet, Pečeno, Tuna Steak, Teleća koljenica, Bakalar, Juneće obrazine, Pršut i Paški sir, Soparnik, Crni Rižot, Bijeli Rižot, Sarma... he could have even named the most basic of basics, Čevapi".

But no! He said: Pizza. He said Pizza...


Needless to say... from that point on, he was dead to us.
In grief we sent his family flowers and he was never to be heard from again.

See, us Croatians, and people from Balkans in general, take our food very seriously. As much as I loved Hivefest and Amsterdam, the food I ate there, I have to conclude, is what gave me COVID. 😅
Sorry @roelandp hahaha.

I was alone home today and I wanted to treat myself a bit with one of my favorite foods. Tuna steak.
And just to be clear I have to state that this isnt the tuna that is served in USA or in the north of Europe. I once tried that tuna. They sell North Atlantic tuna in LIDL.

Never in my life have I seen a bigger difference in food quality between two meals prepared the same way from the same meat.
Adriatic sea tuna tastes like heaven. The North Atlantic tuna tasted like salted cardboard.

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When I call this Croatian fast food I mean it. The process is extremely simple.

  1. I throw some home made olive oil on a skillet. (Wok in this case)
  2. Heat it.
  3. Throw in the tuna.
  4. A few drops of vinegar.
  5. Flip once after 1 minute.
  6. Throw some more olive oil on it. If in doubt, throw some olive oil on it.
  7. Done.

All this took about 2 minutes. If you went to your local McDonalds to get a BigMac you would be waiting in line far longer and would be eating... well... you know what you would be eating.

And of course no meal is complete without my 3 favorite condiments.

  1. Black olives
  2. Gourmet gold bean mustard.
  3. The best non-craft black beer in the world: "Tomislav."

Before anyone mentions Guinness... just dont. Ill be sending your family flowers as well.
Black tinted water is not beer.😘
Guinness is probably the only beer I threw in the trash after 1 sip entirely disappointed at myself for falling for the hype.
Im lying... when I was in USA 10 years ago, I tried Bud Lite. But that I threw out the car window.

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TIME SPENT: 2 minutes


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Eating healthy is cheaper than eating crap.


My version of steaked tuna. It has some sauce on top of it...

A man with good taste. 👊
I hope youre getting your tuna from a good place because tuna quality varies immensely. I was surprised how insanely big the difference can be between meat quality.

I'm buying it from Lidl. I haven't looked at its origins. I will do that next time. I avoid salmon cuz it's full of chemicals. I lived in Norway and I know how they do salmon farming over there.

The LIDL tuna we get here, it might be different elsewhere, I cant recommend to anyone.

The tuna we buy here is locally produced.
Its the tuna Japanese pay absurd amounts to purchase (Almost 90% of our tuna production goes to Japan) and we get it in local stores and fish markets.
And the Japanese know their tuna.

We don't have tuna in here. I wish we did cuz I like fishing...

Catching one is no easy task. When i took my boat out I saw 2 jumping out of the water. Theyre monsters.

It is a great menu and I think the best out of it I can relay on the beer! :))

Well, this explains why you are such an animal (size matters). I was thinking, that I was big, but no....

Lol. Tuna and black beer. 😅


not that it would be anyhow considered fast food :D

So, tuna in 2 minutes? This is something for me then :)))

How delicious tuna is, although here in Venezuela it is very expensive and expensive at the same time, but I like the way you explain how to prepare it because it is quite simple, here most of the tuna you can get is canned, well I say here because I am Venezuelan but the situation of my country led me to leave it and now I am in Colombia.

so much shade being thrown at popular beers :) I'm an IPA beer kind of guy btw :)

As much as I loved Hivefest and Amsterdam, the food I ate there, I have to conclude, is what gave me COVID.


HiveFest food was the worst aspect of an otherwise great event.
I live in the Middle East (ME) and to see simple ME staples like humus, falafel, pita etc so poorly prepared and tasteless was disappointing.

But to see it served over and over again as the ONLY vegetarian options - was biazare.
Are there not European vegetarian options?

Im sure there are. Every european country has its own cuisine. We here dont actually have "vegetarian food". Its just food that happens not to have meat in it on par with anything else.
I have tendency to believe that when food is prepared with the notion of making it vegetarian, it turns out terrible.
I mean humus, i dont think was made to make it vegetarian, it was just good and caught on.

You are getting the hang of this shitposting thing !PIZZA !LOLZ

I consider this post the best piece of rantful comedy I have seen this year.. or last year. This and last year combined.
This post deserves 1000k usd worth of votes.

Guinness is definitely NOT a black tinted water, more like mud. I was only able to drink it when I was trying miracle fruit patties. By the way I recommend that experience 👍

As for your fast food I'd probably hate it. If it is not charred on the outside it means it is not cooked 😉

I do very minimal thermal treatment. Its not for everyone but you can always keep it on 1 minute longer. I mean you can keep it for longer and cook it all through, I just dont like that.


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