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1 medium pumpkin
200-300 g saxara
2 lemons
2 orange


The peeled pumpkin pulp is cut into small pieces of 2-4 cm in size each. They put them in a casserole and pour
water so that it reaches the level of the pumpkin. After boiling, boil the pumpkin for 5-10 minutes. After
why it needs a little cool.

Wipe the pulp through a metal sieve (I grind it in a blender or on a combine) and return the juice back to the casserole. Now you can add saxap.

Squeeze juice from oranges and lemons and add to pumpkin. Oranges and lemons for a pumpkin juice flavor
soft and will give it a fresh note. Now the pumpkin juice is brought to a boil, boil for 5 minutes, after which it is poured into cans (I fill in 2 - 3-liter) and rolled under the covers.

From one pumpkin y me get 6-7 liters. Very tasty! Enjoy your meal!

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