Make your first sourdough starter in a week. Days #5&6

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Well, if you are reading this post, you will most likely have a pretty good starter activity.

Links to the previous posts:

You will have only one more thing to do now. And it is to feed your little bugs, gradually decreasing the amount of starter you left in the container before you feed it again. This exact measure will assure you, that you have the most vital and healthy wild yeast available in the sourdough. And the results of making your dough with it will be perfect every time, of course if you handle your starter carefully. When you have it ready to use, you have to treat it well and never leave the bugs starving and stressed. But... that’s another topic.

This is a photo right after the last feed from day #4.

And it’s maybe not a good decision to leave 1 cup of starter there. It usually becomes double the size of initial state, but sometimes the rise is more than double. Sometimes it becomes closer to triple, so make sure you have enough room in your container.


On the next morning the rise was not so substantial, so I took a breath and was happy the starter was not out... yet! My happiness did not last long after that, because at noontime the bugs were literally going crazy.


It’s not a problem with the starter. The only problem is that cleaning of the kitchen surfaces is needed. That’s why you need to provide your sourdough starter enough room for these risings.

Well, my wife decided to move the starter in a bigger container, and everything got pretty normal again.


The evening of day #5 will be my last feeding of my bugs this time. Being very vital and stable in their rides means that they should be ready for heavier tasks like fermenting a whole bread dough. This time I left just a little bit of starter in the container... probably about 50 grams, which I will boost to 200-250 grams with the feeding. The amount of starter is about 1/5 of the final mixture. And if the bugs cope with the task, you are ok to go.


You know your work. Mix everything very well, until there are not big chunks of flour or until it’s hydrated. Now you are looking again for about double the rise, or more. If the starter has doubled its size in about 10-12 hours, you can make your first sourdough bread, or pizza, or whatever you like.


I’m sorry the rise cannot be measured correctly, because the container is not transparent, but I can assure you it was more than enough vital and ready for work.

Some final words...
The sourdough starter is not something extraordinary and difficult to make. These bugs are alive and they know their job. You have just to provide them the right conditions and enough food, in order to make them healthy and happy. Make sure you don’t stress them with rapid temperature changes, and they will reward you with a lot pretty tasty doughs.

See you soon! Enjoy life, enjoy your food and Be happy!


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