Chinese Food Adventures: #3-Temple Street Spice Crab

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This is a restaurant I have been coming to for years. It used to just be one restaurant, but now it is pretty much the entire block since they have expanded to keep up with the customer base. Now even though it is famous for its spicy crabs, I rarely get them and instead opt for various other dishes. This most recent trip I got my favorites.


Fried diced pork with crushed peanuts and green onion.


Clams in black bean sauce


Shrimp wrapped in noodle and deep fried, with a sweet chili dip.

All but the first photo are mine. Photos taken with my Google Pixel


The shrimp wrapped in noodle and deep fried looks the most delicious to me.
I'd eat all of this in a heartbeat.
I love trying out new foods from different countries.
It usually tastes better than anything we have here.

It was all so good. where are you from? I always say you can find good food anywhere, as long as you know where to look ;)

Looks great! Love chinese food and will try this when I visit HK. Is this in HK ? Temple street ? Followed and upvoted you. Hope u can follow me too!

It is in Hong Kong. Off Jordan road subway, just a block away

So delicious

looks tasty, the problem with asian food is that your hungry again after an hour. :/

delicious :) I want to go there

I love that place.

Those wrapped shrimp look good.

This look Yum

amazing post !!

those food look so good, especially the calms !

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