Chinese Food Adventures: #4-Lei Garden

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This is a very famous well known restaurant in Hong Kong. Here is a collection of dishes I got on my most recent visit.


Let's start off with some braised garlic eggplant!


Can't go wrong with noodles


1/2 of the cha shao plate. Baked pork with a mustard dip


The other half. I think this side is cooked in the sauce

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Mmmmmm Yummy!

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I love Chinese food, but this is the REAL deal. Maybe one day I can experience food in China.

Hopefully you get the chance to. I'm actually not a fan of most of it, but since there's so much variety I do like quite a bit of things

@realcodysimon all dishes look amazing! I would choose eggplant :)
If you have a moment kindly please check my new story about the market Koszyki (polish- shopping basket) in Warsaw. A modern, fashionable and glamorous hot place to meet, chat and eat :) cheers!

great post man. I still need to visit Warsaw!

thank you! :)

Looks delicious! I am hungry now @realcodysimon

look delicious, perfect time for lunch. hehe

All the pictures are mouth watering, but i really like Chinese Hand Made noodles, can you send a plate through the internet line @realcodysimon hahahaha just kidding.

Looks so good!

I think my favourite here is probably noodles.
It may be because I haven't had any other foods that you present here except for noodles haha
The baked pork looks especially delicious.
Great Shots @realcodysimon