What type of pigeons are these? I remember we used to hunt pigeons and the meat you got from them was very little, we used to fry them.

Not sure, but seeing as I got it in China I'm guessing regular city pigeons. Maybe someone's mini farm in their apartment ;) true there is little meat, and the bones are annoying.

How does these pigeons tastes like chickens?

Pretty similar. A lot less white meat though, tastes similar to turkey dark meat if I'm going for the closest comparison.

Do you really tastes like chicken? Well in this life you have to try everything,
Greetings from Venezuela :D

More like turkey dark meat imo. But doesn't everything taste like chicken lol;)

jajajajajaja ok I hope someday I can prove it, greetings from venezuela

I had eaten roast pigeon before and they taste like duck more than chicken.

I imagine that the preparation influences the taste, the more spicy this is, the taste will be different

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Has a super color

Did you try them or did you just take pics?

I had one of my very own right after this picture was taken :)

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  • I have never tried that before! When you stay 'street food' what kinds do you mean?

I never had these before

Is that duck?

Karma has sent the pigeons home to roast & they are pooing all over the roof

I love chinese Food so much , thank you so much for sharing