Chinese Food Adventures: #7-Spicy Fried Shrimp

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These are some spicy friend full body shrimp from a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Beijing. Other than pulling off the head you can pretty much eat them shell and all to get most of the delicious flavor. And to top it off, the whole dish was only about $7

Photo taken with my Xiaomi Mi4


This looks so yummy and extremely spicy the amount of pepper I see haha, I would still it it though.

it looks so delicious , i love it so much :)
it make me Hungryy:)


Welcome , very interessent blog , thank you for sharing amazing contents

I absolutely love shrimp and it looks so delicious
Looks like you also get a great deal as well as it only costs $7
Now I'm pretty hungry @realcodysimon haha

It was wonderful. A bit more spicy than I can handle, but delicious nonetheless

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Thanks for sharing it !!!

Wow this looks yummy. I will ensure to stob by the next time I am in China. Thanks for sharing!

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This looks yummy but looks like it'll burn my tongue off as well haha