Japanese Food in Beijing, China

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China is known for its own cuisine all over the world, but one thing most cities don't have is easy access to good food from other cultures. Unless you live in a big city, what you'll get at most is a sad recreation by a cook who learned how to make "x" dish off of youku or similar YouTube clone site.

However, being in Beijing does offer some truly authentic restaurants if you know where to look. Example, this restaurant called Four Seasons (no relation to the hotel) which offers delicious Japanese food...and if you pay enough, it becomes all you can eat.

Here is a collection of dishes I ordered


Start off with some sake


Pan-fried Gyoza


Beef sashimi


Salmon sashimi


Braised eel


And of course....sushi



looks delicious.. thanks for sharing your experience.

Thanks for sharing advice on cuisine options in different cities. Four Seasons looks delicious! Thanks for taking the photos!

The beef sashimi looks absolutely delicious.
I've never had Pan-fried Gyoza before, what does it taste like if you don't me asking?
Great Photographs @realcodysimon