My Hearts latte art

in #food6 years ago

Hi everyone,

I decide to post sometimes my latte art and I hope you will enjoy it .

Today just a few shots of my cup with hearts, simple but beauty.


Thank you! :)


Welcome back!

Thank you! :)
I'm always close to steemit :) but not always can make posts.

Nice artwork!

Thank you a lot!

Very nice! :)

Nice art work @smailer. You are very good at it.

Thank you for the kind words

You are welcome :)

welcome back my friend :D

Thank you!
btw my PID was broken too

i hope you can fix it :D

yeah, I repair it by my hands and spend about 8$ for it instead 320$ for a new one PID :)

i have to buy a new one, Because it can not be repaired again i spent 260 for that, :D
btw im glad you are back again :D

Long time no see, great to see your art again!

:) Thank you, dear!
Your recipes great as always :) and tons of sweets so magnificient for me

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