For the Love of Ceviche (pictures & how-to)

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As a young man, I was squeamish about seafood: its taste, texture and smell.

It was trying grilled shrimp — by the sea in Alexandria, Egypt - that reeled me, when I was around 20 years old.

Ceviche came much later, nearly 2 decades later. I was at a party in the US, with a live band and lively crowd.

The lights were dimmed and I reached for what I though was a martini glass at the bar, where I was seated.

But, inebriated as I was, I recognized it was not liquor I gulped down, but something else...

That something else, I was to find out, was ceviche: raw fish (usually, Tilapia) cooked in lime juice.

I had this delicious, nutritious dish a previous few times later —once, memorably, at a Latin street festival in Miami — and a few other times.

Yet, all this was a mere introduction to the real deal, when I visited Peru for a couple months, few years ago.

Peru, the Home of Ceviche, took it to another level. And, yesterday, for the second time, my mother-in-law and I prepared Ceviche at home, Peruvian style.

Below, are pictures of the cubed fish, sliced onions, peppers and 1 full cup of lime juice (around 8 limes) that it took to prepared.

In keeping with Peruvian tradition, we served it with corn and sweet potatoes, which I baked in the oven for 40 minutes (at 375 degrees).

Below, is the edible art:



Served on a bed of lettuce with a bottle of white wine...

Also, I might add that the juice of ceviche is called Tiger’s Milk; so when you’re done eating it, this meal is good (and good for you) to the last drop.

To your health!