Super luxury seafood buffet in Hong Kong, China

in #food3 years ago

Would you like to see the large variety of fresh seafood we had in this super luxurious buffet in Hong Kong, China? Read on!

It was a week ago but we went to Armani Aqua in Central, Hong Kong, China. It was a very famous seafood buffet. The variety was almost overwhelming and every single dish was so well done. It was an appetizer buffet followed by multiple main course platters and a wonderful dessert. Let me show you the photos!

Let's start with all the sashimi and sushi which where fresh not just for buffet but restaurant standards. First class!






There was also foie guas! But not as outstanding as the seafood. The bread was a bit dry. The one-bite beef was quite decent though.



The very professional staff then followed with the main course platter. First with the Japanese main course of tempura, eggplant and tender beef, probably cheeks.




After that came the Western platter which was all meat. Very nicely roasted pork and perfect steak.


Then we had pasta, which was done to order from the pasta station, which also featured kid's sushi. Very cute!



This luxurious meal ended with the dessert platter which was the least memorable but at least very spectacular.




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Excellent delicacy ...

Thank you for commenting! I hope you'll like my other posts too. There're many food photos :)

Perfect meal and perfect post! I believe that all dishes were very tasty (especially seafood and ice cream :-))! Thank you for publishing :D

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