Crab Boil

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Crab and an ice cold beverage is one of my favorite celebrations. I’ve been enjoying more of theSe seltzers and I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but they are starting to be done more common than beer.

It’s still warm near me so I’m trying to get through my stash before it becomes too cold and I want to only enjoy stouts. We also wanted to do some celebrating of birthdays, end of summer and wanted to celebrate the things we are thankful for. So we had some crab delivered from Washington.


We keep it pretty simple. Drink and boil the crab with some spices and butter. After that it’s a free for all and we eat enough crab until we can’t stuff anymore in our stomachs.


Im going to keep this post pretty simple and just leave you with the message to celebrate the small things. We live in some crazy times and it’s so easy to forgot how good we still have it.




I have never had a proper boil before. My wife doesn't like seafood, so it would probably have to be a pretty rare occasion that I get the chance. I really want to try a crawfish boil some day. I did a six hour smoke on some ribs this weekend and they were good. I have been getting as much Oktoberfest as I can lately before it is gone. This is my favorite time of beer (See what I did there!)

So I will not go near crawfish, but I love most other season food. I had a traumatic crawfish eating experience so o can’t go back to them... This is smoked weather. I was just talking to my wife about doing a brisket. I’ll take that opportunity to crush a few founders Octoberfest beers while it smokes.

Can’t say I have had a hard seltzer and crab meal before... not opposed tho, looks good!

It’s an odd combo but it works out anyways. I’m starting to accumulate stouts again so ha e to drink all this light stuff while it’s warm out.