My Top 5 Favorite Food

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We all love to eat, don’t we? Eating is my favorite activity hehe. Enumerating your top 5 favorite food is not easy. It’s like choosing your most favorites among your favorites. I’m torn between hundreds lol. If you saw me starving and you will ask me what do I want to eat, I’ll immediately think of typical unhealthy cravings like pizza, burger, burrito, fries,pasta, ice cream etc. But these are just unhealthy appetencies, foods that’s once I’ve tasted, I don’t want to repeat.

A basic full course meal consist of soup, appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert. It would be smooth if I choose top 5 in each category hehe. I have to bargain with @tegoshei, she initiated this blogging challenge.

I was so confused. So I asked my food buddy, @atongis, what do I really fond to eat. He knows me better. He mentioned a lot, but I only picked five. So here are the foods that I could eat over and over again.

5. Tuna

Tuna is my favorite fish in the the whole world, and my favorite flavor too. Whenever I have to pick, for example sandwich or waffle fillings, if there’s tuna I won’t think twice. It’s my bias so it’s easy to feed me hehe. Just look at my canned goods hehe.


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4. Adobo

Our national dish. It’s basically every Filipinos’ favorite. The combination of ingredients like vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, etc. is just distinctive. It’s not tiresome and when you have leftover, it is more delicious. I like chicken adobo more than pork. Sadly, I can’t eat adobo for now because I’m on hypoallergenic diet and I don’t have a picture of it.

3. Sinigang


I always feel good whenever I slurp the hot, sour soup of sinigang. It’s always appetizing and healthy especially when it has lots of vegetables. My favorite meat for this dish is salmon head.

2. Bangus Sisig

Another sour food on my list. Have you noticed that my taste buds loves sour foods. I don’t know why. I guessed that’s how I developed GERD. Anyway, at first I really love Pork Sisig. I like the balance of sour, salty, and a little bit of sweetness. But when Filipino people created other version using other meat such as milkfish, it became my preference because it’s healthier. The best bangus sisig that I’ve ever tasted is the version of @iyanpol12. Due to excitement, I forgot to take a photo of his specialty.

1. Sushi


The queen or king of all food for me. My stomach can become bottomless for this. For me, it’s the most delicious, healthy, photogenic at any angle. I feel like I’m a professional photographer every time I take a photo of this Japanese dish. A complete meal with each piece because there’s meat, vegetable, fruit, rice. I prefer the round or typical roll presentation. I love to use chopsticks when eating it. A deconstruction became a trend during this quarantine, the baked sushi, but I haven’t tried it.

There you go. I feel sorry for the other foods that I didn’t mention, especially the desserts. I think I’m gonna make a separate article for them hehe.

Now you know my favorites. But I’m WARNING you. Do not eat these.... without me! Ok?

Thank you for reading!


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