I Took The Test At The Ichiran Ramen Restaurant

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Hello everyone,

Today I would like to tell you about a Japanese ramen restaurant called The Ramen Test. Why? Because you have to fill out a checklist before ordering the ramen! It seems like a test, but the result of the test is your ramen.

Ichiran Ramen restaurant was established in 1960 in Fukuoka Prefecture, and has 78 branches throughout Japan and overseas.

###Are you hungry?

Let's go!

After buying the ticket from the vending machine, one staff member takes you to your seat and then another will explain their restaurant system. Looking around the restaurant you can see the seats are all separated. I felt like I was taking a test, not having ramen. LOL

The staff will give you a paper to order and choose the ingredients that you need or don't. It asks about the thickness of the soup, the softness of the noodles, and whether or not you want green onions.

The mellow soup had a nice taste, and the noodles were soft. I like it!

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Interesting setup to eat ramen.

Have you ever eaten this ramen?

I've eaten many types but not like this.

The seats are separated so you won't cheat in the test 😂
I miss ichiran. For me it's not the best ramen in Japan but definitely one I would recommend to people 🙂

You con not cheat the test 😆
It is not the best ramen but it is ok.

That looks delicious.

It is good 😊

The restaurant is nice and the ramen looks yummy! 😋

Yes, it is.


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Choices like this will make me eat healthily every time I want to have ramen.

Thanks for sharing

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