You Must Renounce Fornication Forever


You must renounce fornication forever

You must renounce fornication forever...

Those who fornicate are truly impure humanoids. Fornication is to eat the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Impurity. It is fornication that is the original sin of humanity.

The acts of fornication are not limited to sexual intercourse, married or not, which results in the spilling of the seed if self-control is left unchecked. Other acts of fornication include masturbation, nocturnal emission, adultery, and pornography. These five things are the most abominable and unforgiving vices. These things are blasphemous against the Holy Spirit.

As I told you before, desire always leads to suffering. Those who fornicate pave their own roads downwards to the abyss. Fornication is the cause of their own folly and ruin. Those who fornicate will be converted from angels to demons. Fornication will only serve to degenerate mankind, for it is written: It is fornication that leads all creatures to heck.

Those who say that masturbation is good for you, homosexuality is good for you, adultery is okay to do, pornography is good for you, or any of the like are sincerely mistaken. These are not human beings; they are impure humanoids or intellectual animals. They can also be black magicians or sorcerers. Even the wolves can disguise themselves as sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15). These ravening wolves are the sorcerers of all times. These people are sincere liars, and their place will be in the abyss where the weeping and gnashing of teeth are heard. Do not be deceived: the liars, the fornicators, the adulterers, the sorcerers, the idol worshipers, and the murderers will habituate in the Lake of Everlasting Fire to undergo the mandatory Second Death (Revelations 21:8).

For this, one must renounce masturbation, pornography, impure sexual intercourse (adultery included), and nocturnal emission in order to be saved. One must comprehend these psychological defects in order to kill them...

Beware of beautiful women: You must not forget yourself (and your spouse if you are married). Looking at beautiful women with desire is adultery, whether you have a spouse or not; this is how you forget yourself. Look at Matthew 5:28. Lower your eyes if you see beautiful women. It is also against the Ten Commandments to desire your neighbor’s spouse.

This is why one must kill lust forever...

Love (Ahava) is far more atomic and more powerful than lust...

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Irredeemable acts of self-fornication will lead to homosexuality. Homosexuals are actual vampires that morally hate the cross. The cross is the Perfect Matrimony of husband and wife through sexual alchemy.

Those who watch pornography and masturbate will lead to witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, and black magic. As I also told you before, any priest who recommends fornication is a Black Magician. Those who fornicate awaken the Abominable Kundabuffer by attempting to self-realize the impure (negative) way. It is entirely up to us to wage war against the Black Lodge.

There are three tantras that one must know:

I) Any school that teaches fornication and prohibits chastity is teaching black tantra.

II) Any school that teaches one to fornicate occasionally is teaching gray tantra. This school will inevitably lead itself to black tantra.

III) White Tantra always teaches you three factors: to deny yourself (death of Satan, I, Ego), take up the cross (sexual alchemy), and follow Jesus Christ (sacrifice for humanity). White tantra always teaches you to renounce fornication forever and require only chastity and immaculate sexual magic.

There are Two Marys to know:

I) The Virgin of Carmel (The Virgin Mary): She is the Divine Mother Kundalini that the White Magicians adore and worship.

II) Saint Mary (Santa Maria): She is the Abominable Mother Kundabuffer that the Black Magicians adore and worship.

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The Black Magicians morally hate immaculate sexual magic, chastity, and the Virgin Mary. We, the White Magicians, totally abhor black tantra, fornication, and Saint Mary. The Black Magicians will surely attack with their sinister power against those who adore the Virgin Mary.

It is thy duty to renounce the orgasm (fornication). It is also thy duty to kill lust and desire. It is also my duty and website policy to teach you only White Tantra. In the name of truth, White Tantra is the only permanent cure against pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, and nocturnal emission. All of these diseases are fornication.

The Cure:

Chastity: You must transmute sexual energies daily. I highly recommend the Sixth Tibetan Rite, the song of the toad (single transmutation for single people), Rune Thorn, and Pranayama. Chastity is how one converts himself once again into an Angel.

Right Actions: You must kill desire and lust. You must kill the wild boar of pornography once and for all. Only your willingness to marry your rightful spouse will kill pornography forever.

True Love: You must learn to cultivate true love within you by the proper use of chastity. If you have a spouse, you must also learn to cultivate true love in the heart of your spouse. This action is far more atomic than you realize.

Magnet: An unorthodox method to stop fornication is to use super-magnets (the stronger the better) on the physical region where the kundabuffer organ resides. The kundabuffer organ lies in the coccyx region of the spine. The Kundabuffer organ is the source of all hallucinations, addictions, and problems. The north end of the magnet must touch and face towards the kundabuffer organ; the other end must be taped on. Using a magnet taped on the region of the kundabuffer organ only disables it not destroys it. Only white tantra will destroy the kundabuffer organ. With the magnet in mind, one must learn to cultivate true love from with and practice scientific chastity; however, you are still vulnerable to mistakes in your life.

Food: Eat Kosher or Halal Foods. Please see also the Gnostic Diet (

Music: You must renounce the devolving, modern music of rock, hip pop, heavy metal, etc. Listen to only transcending, classical music of the transcending composers of ancient times (Bach, Beethoven, Verdi, etc.) Even better is to transpose classical music from A = 440 Hz to A = 432 Hz. Classical Music, transposed to A = 432 Hz, is purer and natural when listened to than the A = 440 Hz counterpart, used in Modern Music.

Perfect Matrimony: Marriage is not desired nor avoided. Likewise, your spouse is not desired nor avoided. It is all according to the Law of the Tao. As a result, marriage is required in order to return to the Kingdom of Yah-Hovah Elohim. You must get married. Marriage is the Perfect Matrimony and is not built on the foundation of words, forms, contracts, or laws that of modern marriage. It is built on the foundation of the proper use of sex. The secret: Introduce the virile member (phallus) into the vagina (uterus) and withdraw it without spilling the seed. This secret is exceedingly difficult to do and requires great willpower to control the tempting serpent.

For those who do not yet have a spouse: please wait patiently until Yah-Hovah Elohim provides you with a spouse. When it is time to get married, your spouse will be there.

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So, you must renounce fornication forever by performing white tantra daily and forever.

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