An AI edits my Fortnite Footage (Athenascope)

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Hi guys,

I discovered an AI program that edits gaming footage that is aimed primarily at streamers in order to make clips and montages from their streams. This is called Athenascope which can be found at

Interestingly (since ads often aren't useful) I actually found this one through a Reddit ad / Reddit promoted post.

Currently Athenascope supports Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, Overwtch, Rocket League and CS:GO. The reason that it supports only certain games is that it is an AI so it is a program that is trained to look for certain things within the gaming footage and that varies both in terms of what you would likely save as well as how that looks in each game.

As someone who enjoys gaming but also finds AI fascinating, I had to give this a try.

I streamed Fortnite Team Rumble to it (roughly two games but it was more like 1 1/2 due to technical issues) and it made me some videos. There were short individual cuts of individual kills or victories etc, like these:

But there were also bigger montages like this:

I got this one as well as two other ones which were "top rounds" which showed the kills for each game as well as their victory royale moments (which in this case wasn't a very exciting addition but it would be essential for other games to have the victory royale moments - in my case one was me drinking shields as you saw above and I was dead for the other one... but I've had other games where what happens at the very end is more important).

What is special about this?

This is a special thing because it is a program doing this. Ofc it always takes work to edit gameplay footage as a human individual, but it's particularly impressive when AI programs do things, especially when they do it reasonably well, which Athenascope really appears to.

I do find it interesting that Athena has been trained on multiple games too. I am very curious if it is one AI program trained on multiple games or if the website determines what game it is and Athena is actually multiple Athena's which each are extensively trained on their own individual game. The most impressive AI's in terms of doing things well or even decently, from what I've seen, appear to be ones that are trained to do one thing. Even with multiple games, this would be an AI doing one thing, but I thought any decent quality would require it being trained in that one game only. I guess it depends on how much data they have for each game really, and I guess also whether she is continuing to learn from all the footage she processes from users.

I watched a few videos Athena had put together when I first read about this prior to using it myself, and I was impressed. It is better than I would have expected. It's probably not the most demanding thing expected of an AI, which would play a role in how decently it does it, but it is still impressive regardless.

Athenascope is interesting to me because it is an AI, but it would also be useful to streamers due to it making nice cuts and montages of their footage so that should be noted as a positive aspect of it too. I was thinking it could possibly help me go through some footage I have but I'm thinking probably not given I have to use phone data to stream to it, but that doesn't take away from the cool aspects of it - it just means I don't get an extra convenience from it that I thought I might have got.

Why Fortnite?


I play Fortnite a bit and I intend to make some more content related to it, but I've mostly just kept my footage for some big projects in the case of Fortnite so it looks like I haven't played it at all.

With the content I've put out it might have seemed more likely I would choose Overwatch for trying this out. I probably will try this again with Overwatch too at some point but I had just recently put out my most recent ORTI video and I hadn't ever really put out any Fortnite content so I just decided it was time to do Fortnite for a change and so I did it.

Also I just got this fox skin in Fortnite and I'm enjoying being a fox.


Technical Issues AKA I come from the Land Down Under where Internet's Shit and Streams Buffer

Athenascope is aimed at streaming and any way of getting footage to it involves streaming at some point. You can do it through Twitch video as well but Twitch doesn't allow uploads of video unless you are an Affiliate or Partner and you reach the point of doing that by streaming...

I tried streaming to Athenascope while playing Fortnite but found I couldn't effectively play Fortnite and stream at the same time. I was trying to play with 700+ ping. So I stopped that partway through that game of Rumble and quickly looted properly and started playing (by the time I was done looting after I didn't have to contend with rubber-banding back about a room's length, our team was nearing 50 points). I recorded my footage instead and finished that match and played one more match.

Even streaming the video was too much and I'd drop about 64% of the frames of the video and it was worse earlier when I tried to send it the other day as I didn't realise something else was using the internet and making it even worse (it was about 80% then) but even after reducing the negative impact of extra stuff, it still was about 64% frame loss.

In the end, I tethered my phone to the computer and used its internet and my stream had 0% frame loss.

My footage is in 360p and I will try another time with a higher resolution and see how that goes, but right now it is low quality resolution wise but is so much better than the highlights Athenascope made out of my footage that had so much frame loss (which is 100% my internet's fault, not Athenascope's).

In this one, you can't even see what happened:

You can work out what happened, but just see the lead up, hear a heap of shooting and then see the end result. Not exactly thrilling gameplay to watch.

So it looks like data from my phone is the way to go for streaming things unless I've missed something throughout this process.

My overall opinion
I am impressed with the montages that Athenascope makes and I find it to be an interesting program. I found it fun to use once I finally worked out my technical issues to be able to get decent footage to it.

I do think it would benefit from having more options for how to provide footage to it though. If it had the same thing it does for Twitch for YouTube as well it would probably mean uploading would work.

I enjoyed using this program and will likely use it again.

You can check out the rest of the clips Athenascope made from my footage here:

Thank you for watching and reading.

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