Time for exodus from mainstream Internet services - let's do it our way before they do it their own way....

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As you may know Infowars and Alex Jones were censored and banned / purged from several major Internet services (like Youtube, Facebook and others within several hours) . Also many other conservative and christian channels were removed from these services recently. Although I don't deny the right of these companies to do it I also do react to their transformation from free and open-minded platforms (only valid for some of them) to this new political, biased and censorship-friendly publisher model. I'm quite sure this will be their grave in long-term and I'm also quite sure that huge pressure must have come from the outside and they rather sacrificed Alex Jones and several others rather than face possible consequences from totalitarians (regulators, politicians, agencies). However they made the final decision.

As I found this transformation as absolutely ugly, totalitarian and unacceptable for my set of values, I'm too leaving these services permanently. There is a list of services which are censorship-friendly and which - I think - doesn't deserve to be used anymore by any open-minded, freedom-loving people. I've used some of these services for years and it will be hard to migrate however with some effort it can be done and will be done.

If you also despise censorship and other dark middle-age practices, I encourage you also migrate to decentralized services or services that doesn't apply these patterns. It's quite sad to see this list because many of these services were once friendly and open to all spectrum of opinions and helped to form the good part of the Internet. But that time is over and it might not come back.

There is my list on the top of this post showing how far I'm with with my exodus from these enslaved and enslaving freedom-hostile Internet services. This list is taken from InfoWars showing services that cut away Alex Jones within about 48 hours. This list will grow - I'm sure of it - but also there will be some more items on the list in time. But new projects and platforms will also grow and it's a huge opportunity for new businesses to replace these sold out dinosaurs and traitors of their own original ideas. This is currently the main "ban cartel". Twitter is also close to it but not there yet but it seems it will fall into this swamp as well.

Ban Cartel / Censorship Kings

  • Facebook
  • Google / Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Vimeo
  • Apple
  • Spotify
  • Sticher
  • Pinterest
  • MailChimp

Censorship and especially selective censorship are the tools of pathetic mentality of influential people who lost their arguments and moral ground and are close to be exposed for what they really are. All of these things are therefore good signs from the long term perspective indicating hope for more significant society shifts however also somewhat painful and terrifying from short-term perspective. With God's help this bad phase will not last long.

You don't like censorship and totalitarian practices as well? Let tech giant's know, sign petitions, support victims, etc.