Big Corporations & Centralised Power Can Be Intimidating - But They Only Reflect Our Own Power!

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Many people, when growing up and also as adults, believe that they are not 'good' enough or powerful enough to live freely and be creative in the ways that they prefer and need. Power has seemed to be somehow locked in to prevailing systems, organisations and ways of thinking and no-one seems to know how to thrive without conforming to the hierarchies. The reality, though, is that the majority of the power in these systems is our own and it is held in place by our own fear and self denial!

What would you do if you knew that you and the others around you held more power than the world's biggest corporations? More power than Apple or Sony? You might not have a quick answer for that, but I am willing to bet that you wouldn't be sitting around complaining that life is hard or that you are too stuck to bother doing much in life.

We have been born into a world where almost all of the power has been sucked up by carefully engineered machines of thinking and organisation - it has been funnelled into a network of government departments, corporations and associated 'special interest' groups. The best we tend to be able to do with the real power of the world is observe it as if it were in a zoo - maybe being able to buy enough shares to one day touch it or on rare occasions to vote for what might be done with it .. maybe.. if we are lucky!

In truth, centralised corporations and power structures combine the power of the many into an artificial symbol that seems too powerful to challenge. Essentially, the majority of working people see their own reflection in their employer's power but fail to realise it is their own power that they see reflected back to them. They are intimidated by their own collective reflection!

Power, contrary to popular (false) belief is not evil, bad or 'corrupting'. Look up the word 'Power' in a dictionary and you will see it only means 'the ability to act'. We ALL NEED the ability to act, just to stay alive.

Every thought we hold onto which says that we can't have power, power is bad or corporations are just too powerful - we further cement our reality into a state which seems to prove to us over and over again that we are right! Things do not have to be this way, though.

If you stand with your friends after work, outside of the big office block or factory where you work and marvel at the power of the big bosses and their fancy cars - wondering how they got there and how you might be more free in your own life.. You might notice that to be truly free means starting with freeing your own thinking enough to reassess the situation.

While you could choose to see how you too could be a 'big boss' if you really wanted to - what might perhaps feel more soothing is to notice that the corporations and big bosses mostly only have your own power and the power of your colleagues and clients to work with. If your clients and colleagues are people like you, then what you are really seeing is your own power being channelled in ways that probably don't entirely serve you.

Do you personally need your 'boss' to have a million dollar car or house? Not really. Does the success of your employer's business depend on such things? Probably not. So if there is a huge wealth gap between 'employer' and 'employee', I suggest looking at how you all might combine forces to make things a bit more balanced.

Sometimes, people form unions and sometimes this is beneficial. Other times, the employer turns nasty and even hires mercenaries to destroy unions. Sometimes the unions are simply run by people who lack integrity and things don't work out.

In any case, my suggestion is to be more creative. Process any intimidation and fear you feel - noticing that you are heavily conditioned to deny your real feelings and fear. Notice that when you hide from your own fear, you are weaker because you are holding part of yourself outside of love and acceptance - you are in denial. Reclaim and process your fears and angers - then you can feel good again and think clearly.

Rather than struggling, you can instead be smart. Analyse the situation, the money flows, the industry. How could you improve on it? How might you and your colleagues work together to do so? If your employer isn't the type to listen to you and reward you for your creativity, then maybe all leave and start a competitor to your old employer!

This is how innovation works - yet how often do you hear people talking like this at work? Almost never, I imagine.

The real beauty of this situation is that the epic levels of apathy in society mean that you often don't need to do a great deal to improve on the old ways of doing things. You aren't really competing with a behemoth - you are competing with your own denial and the collective belief that you are born to be limited and small!


Clear out limiting beliefs that do not serve you.

Expand understanding of how to build structures and organisations.

Make a plan and don't stick to it.

Get Creative!

Have Fun!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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All very well and good in theory, to be honest. I think most of us are aware of that. And certainly, in my own career, I have rallied, efforted, colloborated and - failed to make change against the systems that be. I totally empathise with those, like me, that give up. Sometimes it's just too much.

Everything in life can be moved and evolved - we just need to start where we are and leave no stone unturned in our internal exploration of limiting beliefs and missing bits of information. From there, great things can occur with enough passion. Hive is in interesting example - I'm sure many people would like to see it replace facebook, but it hasn't. How many of them believe that Hive CANNOT replace facebook? Probably quite a lot... How much are these limiting beliefs causing cascades or self fulfilling prophecies? :)

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