Dr. Andreas Noack and Graphene Hydroxide in the Jabs

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nanorazorblades.PNGA screenshot of the first video linkied below

Yesterday I was linked the following video in which Dr. Noack detailed his claim that the graphene oxide found by researchers in jabs was in fact graphene hydroxide, which he described as nanoscale razor blades.

I then saw the following video which claimed he had been murdered only the day after the above video was published.

I do not claim to have verified any of this information, and for all I know it is not factual in whole or part. However, I find the graphene hydroxide hypothesis credible explanation for the instant collapse, or relatively swift demise, and cardiovascular injuries resulting in extensive bruising and other dramatic effects, observed in some of the jabbed.

Given the claim of Dr. Noack and his immediate death, just as mandatory jabbing of children is being undertaken, I have provided this information as I have found it so that folks will have it and can themselves act on it as immediately and to the degree they feel appropriate.

I will look for more information and do my best to ascertain it's veracity and relevance, but that will take time that in the present circumstances could prevent some from being alerted in a timely manner.

I am struck once more that free speech is an existentially important human right, and that censorship kills people.

If these claims are true, Dr. Noack has been killed to censor him.

Please do not mistake my providing these videos as claiming they are factual. I do not. I find the hypothesis credible, and will continue to seek more information that is necessary to confirm the claim. For the stated reason that time is pressing and people should have the opportunity to consider this safety signal, that appears to have been censored with extreme prejudice, I provide it as is, for you to verify, consider, and act on as you see fit.

Live and prosper.


I like the host of this video, Stefan Reich. He's cool.

I've never heard Dr. Andreas Noack speak before, what a terrible loss, and another 'coincidence' I guess. Thanks for sharing this @valued-customer.

This was my first exposure to Stefan, and I am encouraged by your recommendation. I hope better news becomes available, but wanted to provide such alert by reporting these events as quickly as possible. Canaries are useless if their warnings aren't shared.


I can only hope that God helps them that help themselves, and that I, and those dear to me, undertake efforts worthy of that help. It is why I post, and why I follow you, because I see the hand of God behind forthright speech that is a shield against hazard that preserves our lives and fortunes.


Yesterday I was linked the following video in which Dr. Noack detailed his claim that the graphene oxide found by researchers in jabs was in fact graphene hydroxide, which he described as nanoscale razor blades.

Dear @valued-customer , Did you claim that the Dr. Noack who claimed to have nanoscale razor blades in the coronavirus vaccine was killed?😲

His wife makes the claim he was murdered and I report her claim. I am not able at this time to verify the claim, but neither have I seen any shred of evidence it is false. I have seen many shills seeking to falsely distract, disinform, and dissuade discussion of Dr. Noack's findings, and his death. I consider that to be circumstantial evidence in support of his wife's claim.


I was subscribed to his YouTube channel, but he didn't upload anything for months. Thank God that Andreas is ok! 🙏🏻

I would be glad indeed to know Dr. Noack lives.

Please provide evidence of his continued life.


Please, excuse me, we've misunderstood each other. I thought your post included Noack's new material. Now I realize that's a part of his previous transmissions. This is the video I received right after reading your comment:

Allegedly, It's Sir Noack's wife, informing the public that our beloved doctor has passed away approximately 2 weeks ago.

Yes I have heard the same - on the graphine oxide from multiple sources - very solid evidence - on his death, just one and not verified

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His presentation claims that graphene hydroxide, and not graphene oxide, is what is in the jabs, and states that is significant because it causes physical damage, particularly if it is mistakenly injected into a vein as sometimes happens when these injections aren't prevented from hitting a vein by first aspirating to see if blood is drawn into the hypodermic.

While I have not yet seen his death confirmed, I have seen shills strongly deranging those sharing these videos on other platforms, using typical tactics and plentiful disinformation uncharacteristic of organic comment. I consider this fairly strong circumstantial evidence supporting the claim of his wife that he was murdered, although it isn't probative.