Freedom Convoy in Nova Scotia, Canada Feb 12/2022

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Canadians are known around the world as being 'nice' and in Canada, Nova Scotians have the reputation of being the 'nicest of the nice'.

I believe this is why we are pretty much the last province in Canada to stand up for our rights. Our freedom of choice. Our bodily autonomy. We haven't wanted to 'ruffle any feathers'.

Nova Scotians are finally becoming Roused. Thanks to the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa and the knowledge that there are so many others that feel the way we do, this province is Rising.


Since mandates are made at the provincial level we have to deal with our own provincial governments if we want them to end. Today a convoy starting from all corners of Nova Scotia joined together in our capital city, Halifax, to demand an end to All Mandates. We are taking our lives back.


That was Our Truck today, @hendrix22 made the sign!


I love that old car!


Heh heh heh a lot of signage with these sentiments!


There were many people on the streets in support of the Convoy, we saw them everywhere, on the highway, some on overpasses and a LOT downtown Halifax.



There were a lot of people at City Hall with their dogs. It was wonderful to be around so many beautiful animals as well as people!


@Hendrix22 and I waiting for the bathroom LOL. So sweet of our son to take a pic of us while he held my camera :)


Her sign says "We mourn the vaccine dead". And I'm pretty sure you can read the gentleman's sign :)


The sign says: "Let's Go Brenda"


This was my FAV sign of all, it says "I Miss Your Smile" And it is such a beautiful smile on the lady in the forefront of the photo too!


A very colourful sign haha!


My freedom does not end where your fear begins.




After the dancing, smiling, great talks and fun at City Hall a few of us continued the Convoy to Enfield. It was kind of like an after party you could say...I cannot tell you how good it felt to be around so many others who have had Enough and are taking their lives back.





A couple short clips from the day

It's up to each and every one of us in Nova Scotia to end the mandates. This is done by noncompliance.

It gets easier and easier to not comply with insane 'rules' as we see we are not a minority.

Being together with my fellow Nova Scotians today for Freedom was the most life Giving experiences I've had in years.

As the weeks go by the Convoys will grow and grow until we finally put this madness behind us for good. Our children deserve to be FREE. WE deserve to be FREE.

I'm so proud that Canadian truckers stood up for us, now it's time for us all to RISE together.

Photo on 2022-02-12 at 12.27 PM #4.jpg

PS this was the sign I took out today. I'll tell you it was amazing to be giving #freehugs again. I was afraid to these last couple years, AFRAID people would think I was trying to kill them. Well, the HUGS are BACK and they are never going away, ever, ever again!


Awe, best part. #freehugs Finally, it us SO good seeing the madates end. Lotsa Love! So happy to see your post tonight!! ❤

Heyy Jill! Is the Coutts border still going strong? I haven't checked in today. Congrats on getting the mandates lifted in Alberta, now to make it Permanent!

Thanks!! I am living at Emerald Lake, very removed from all the news. I didn't really know the full extent of what was going on till middle of last week. My fb feed didn't show me anything.

Permanancy is my concern too sis. So glad to connect with you!! 🤗

Sweet! Thank you for going and supporting the truckers! I feel inspired and hopeful and courage is contagious.

Courage is contagious @whatsup! The sleeping bear is shaking off its slumber, worldwide we have Awoken!

Keep up the fight. Freedom will win in the end.

You have already made a huge difference in US politics with 11 Dem states dropping mask mandates last week and Dem pols running for the exits to distance themselves from restrictions.

Thank you @apshamilton, freedom will Reign! My jaw almost hit the floor when I read that California was dropping the mask mandate. Children especially are harmed by the masks, they need us to fight for them.

I had a feeling you guys might be involved in this! It made me smile to think of you fighting the good fight up there.

The sign on your truck is perfect.

Ahhh thank you for the visit Winston, so great to see you! I'm glad always to make you smile :)

This is awesome! And it is really nice that you get to showcase your "Free Hugs" sign again after all this time.

We were at a rally this morning, and this evening we went to a local potluck and met a bunch of new friends!

It is so nice to not feel somewhat isolated like most of us have over the last 2 years.

It's so good to hear from you Linda! I've felt just DEAD these last few years, total survival mode, and the Freedom Convoy has brought me back to life.

I'm so happy that you connected with your tribe yesterday, it's so life giving. Mmm the potluck sounds YUMMY!

I saw yesterday that the Surry/US border is blockaded now! Goose bumps!!! The momentum just keeps growing and growing!!

Well done! Massive respect to you for supporting the movement. Our children will never forgive us if we stand by and do nothing. Love the truck sign too and you can't beat a free hug!

Thanks so much, are you up to date with the American Convoy to DC? I haven't heard any recent news.

No I haven't seen any new vid's or updates. As soon as the UK does one I will be the first to join as I am a Trucker by trade.

Oh hey, nice post.

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JK I know you busy.
The apocalypse waits for no one!

HAHAA @edicted thank you for the very warm welcome! Glad to know you:) #ScorpionKing

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I really enjoyed the photos @lynds! I laughed a lot! Trudeau's globalist dictatorship tries to smear the citizens who fight for the freedom of Canada and humanity. The entire world is watching now. Please, stand your ground beautiful citizens of the free world.