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RE: A Bouquet of Surprise - Chapter 2

in #freewrite3 years ago

Well aren't you just the busy bee over here. With all the fancy ants and beautiful blooms and what not. You have become downright prolific.
Now I am all interested in the story and have remember to come back and hunt down part 3.
I am sure it will be buried in beautiful blooms by the time I make it back.


It was a good week to post with the fluctuating market, but I ran out of steam, literally. I'm still sick and too tired most days to bother. But I will have to come back here and post since I don't post much on the other account. Appreciate you stopping by and following my nonsense stories. :)

My vote here is now worth a penny, woohoo! Good thing you have dustsweeper.

Oh no I was hoping you would be better by now. I think I was in and out of the A.C. too much this weekend. Woke up all congested and achy. Can't let up on Steeming this week. Gotta try to win simplymikes contest. Pluse I need to get up two posts.
Hope you can rest up and get in some pampering time. Maybe hang out with those comedy folks. They say laughter has healing properties.
But do get better quick. I miss typing with you.
P.S Remember don't stress if you don't get to my mega comments.
I may get desperate and need to add a few lines of type here and there.
This contest is really bringing out the competitive side.