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Fleece. He’s fleecing us. We have to stand up for ourselves. We need some support in the world. We’re being taken advantage of and distracted by…


No. We’re being distracted by the very-rich. They’re just frustrating, you know?

Cray cray frustray tray…

Hey, is there any way to follow a downvote trail with upvotes? Woo hoo. You know? Whatever. It’s just something that will play itself out. Maybe we should see if we can ignore it and it’ll go away. I spend a lot of love on my work here. It’s funny. I mean, obviously not every post has hours of work into it, but the love that pervades my treatment of the people I meet here.

I started to say pervades before I knew what else I was going to say.

But the truth I am trying to speak is: I love a lot of people here. This isn’t a system that is set up to allow the weak to band together against the strong, really, because the strong have a tremendous amount of power, and they generally use it to make themselves stronger, BUT it’s possible to do something about it.

More importantly, thought. It’s possible to work together to make the world a better place IRL. I will keep on keeping on. I think I will try my best to, without talking about the attention-grabbing frustrations, just make things better. The question is, should whomever get downvoted?


Excellent thoughts friend @improv. Aspiring for a better world should be the purpose that the best should aim for.

And a lot of people love you too @improv! I also get very frustrated with all of the downvotes. I get 1-5 per post. Don't they have anything else better to do?

Resident cat here wondering if we should break all of their toenails? https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-782-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-broken-toenail

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