Day 1249: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: respect the goose

in #freewrite4 months ago


The goose that has been set loose into your soccer field
Soccer field filled with poops of disarray,
Problematic parenting and over saturation of screen display,
Respect the goose even the feathers that filled up your downturned right side with a touch of the avalanche,
Hella sky jumped in for the hella of me, the hell of it, the brazing and blazing as if I was a lawyer making the major astronomical decisions for the board of boring individuals,
bring around the heli-helicopter cause this vacay is all about respecting the goose,
consider me Canadian,
consider the goose a relative,
quacking at this whacky individual all day,
speaking non-sense with you then no one else was listening,
travel to together, poop together, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,
simple life, simple pleasures, a field, a pond, some grass, some grubs and some worms, every day a vacay no working for the man, respect the goose cause who knows with this loose handling
situational witnessed truth
situational witnessed roots
of our own discovery.



That was delightfully refreshing and loved the rhythmic beat. Nice work!

Vibrating with creativity thank you!