Day 1279: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: an opportunity to reply

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An opportunity to reply, an opportunity to respond I mise well sit down sideways and turn my frown upside down placed properly a top of my crown. Edit the subject
Sent the forward got the report for the TPS reports ya you know me. Messiah parted the sea equal ways between the fern trees, whip snake, whip snap, freewrite paddle
me down this river. Grateful Dead bring me to life we glee wish I caught your tour instead just got the dead head bug. Bugging out in a good way, a melody, rhythmic
flow kind of way, dancing and prancing and carrying on barking at the moon like a freshly born coyote. Tried to get the best of me but now times are different, times are
chaotic and orderly just as they were in the beginning, but now is the time for me to rebuttal, born conclusion, universal discovery, the universe allowing me an
opportunity to reply, an opportunity to dig deeper, express the best of how I feel, one day at a time as if I was my own win lotto tick.

Painting = Squamish, oil on wood, 2010.
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