Day 1315: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: newly minted

in #freewrite2 months ago

Freshly minted like my cilantro to my lime, my lime turned Magritte hello señorita, lettuce hands shaking out the diamond sauce, because i got the diamonds, you got the diamonds, i bet you want the diamonds, but i joined the free write instead
free writers free writing free feeling so i can invest in crypto
writing even if it's just for five the love, the support, the generosity, piqued my interest, gave me a raging boner, now here i am in love with cryptos, in love with independence, in love
with feeling the future can be brighter, brighter with all of us in charge, charged up, realized we are but 1 and maybe a zero, Ada Lovelace, I love women, I am here cause of a woman, awaken shaken and ready for and all out war,
the grandkids, the grand children, the grand disguise
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