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High school reunion is a meeting place for graduates. Meeting with old friends made many people closer together. During the reunion people can ask for phone numbers so they can be in touch. Likewise, Marlin and Hafid were reunited during a high school reunion. Amidst everyone's excitement they met again.
"Your phone number?"
Marlin tell numbers and Hafid immediately entered the cell phone. Hafid immediately made a call and Marlin immediately saved Hafid's number.
Since that reunion Marlin and Hafid have been communicating more frequently. They often share about their life. Marlin, whose husband often left her, felt lonely. Initially Hafid tried to provide support so that he was always patient.
"Let your husband work out of town, the important thing is he always contact you."
"Yes but of course it would be happier to be around him."
"Yes, when you finish all your business, just ask him to work in the city."
"Yes, thank you my friend."
Marlin felt that a friend had motivated her to stay. However, slowly as Marlin's husband was out of town, she needed a place to confide in her feelings as a wife.
Hafid, who is still alone, also feels sorry for his high school friend. Hafid often gave Marlin advice.
Gradually Marlin felt comfortable. Even though no husband is far outside the city, now there are friends who want to rely on him. He is no longer worried when problems arise. Marlin didn't call her husband to tell him what happened. Marlin prefers Hafid as a bucket to express his thoughts and feelings.

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