Mid Twenties

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Stepping into the high heels called adulthood is a confusing and interesting phase of life.
I started working recently and I must say, it's been hella tedious. The 24hrs seem too short for me.

Though it feels like life is finally taking shape for me, it comes with a price.

Now I know the meaning of hardwork.(In future, when I can proudly tell my story, am sure it would be from this moment)

I have read about not worrying in your twenties and how it's a defining moment. That's true.

But, I also think worrying is part of the process. So let people be.
You can encourage them to keep trying and work hard but when they feel down about things not working out, I think we should be allow them that moment too.

Though I worry less now and do more. Thinking back about my journey shows it was all part of the process.

I am getting to the defining moment and it is so hard!

Can't wait to see what's on the other side of this. It's definitely going to be a break through.

For now we smile and strut through life.


Been away from the virtual life here to deal with the physical one.
Glad I got to write today.😁
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