Day 1319: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: government institutions

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Mandating meditating instigating the cold shower telling me how high I can jump and how I can get before I get brought back down to earth, local mayor, local trip, local expenditures on us, you me the taxpayer. Institution stale and stagnate, stale and expired, algorithm me a new board, wrangle me a councillor that I can trust more than my used car salesman. Government putting the full back into the pothole, local residents, local beef, local institution I should have volunteer, flipped the script and joined TikTok, stick to the free write blockchain bitcoin go up bitcoin go down it’s all a matter of what you can do with it. Stay Stoic, stay creative and don’t let the government beat up on your creative institution crank the grateful dead and have another deep breath Chillán relax and don’t sweat a thing. Instantly feeling a lot better, wrote, written, five minutes of no one tell me what to do not even an instructional government entity.

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Cathartic, all this freewriting. It's one of the few things we don't have to get written permission to do before we do it.

hence, the prompt exposing me i guess ;)