Day 1326: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: sheep dog

in #freewriters2 months ago

Sheep dog sheeple just meet me at the tip of the steeple
What a chase? what a risk? what an attempt of freedom?
No I don't want to get vaccinated.
Steeple chase to the top of the temple brim, rimmed the Magritte with salt
the lime convinced me to build tee-pee
Acreage lineage all that is secrete secret
Round up the dogs round up the neighbours
Let's split bread round up the herd
Sheep Dog giving me the warmth for winter
Direction and guidance, the hum of a nicely hummed song
Released and full, Fully locked and loaded with inner peace
inner calmness
feet touching the ground
oh you nature, oh you animals, oh you my new friends
Took a while to build a relationship
But the delight of my morning, the highlight of my story,
Feline and friendly, perky and ready
Slick sick and ready for anything
Sheep dog's away on dancer, dasher, prancer
Let's make this summer travel epic
Time travel learn the future
Bought the right lotto
Just got to declare my taxes
Interruption gone silence
bullet wound gone healed
blood gone dry
Sheep me up!


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