The Story Of My Broken Friendship

I was friends with a girl named "Gina" she was my best friend until it came to fourth grade..She ignored me and just pretended like she didn't even know me.When it came to lunch i asked "Hey can i sit by you?" And she said "I don't know you". And when she said that I automatically just ran to the bathroom and had tears in my eyes because i knew she just wasn't ever going to talk to me again,and i just felt so depressed and lonely after that day.Because i didn't know anyone in my fourth grade and I had no friends.sad.jpg(Lonely Girl by Poweryong on DeviantArt)

But i stayed strong threw the 2 months of sitting at the lunch table lonely and sitting by people i didn't know.It was picture day,on picture day I was wearing a dress I thought was beautiful it had 4 gems and a baby blue color i loved it!But,while i was in the bathroom putting on makeup my ex-friend (Gina) came in with her so called "squad" and said "ew!" "What kind of dress is that?" And I felt like I was going to cry.But,the most greatest thing ever happened to me.This girl came in and said "Hey! Stop messing with her! Or mess with me!"Right when she said that her "squad" ran out of the bathroom while Gina followed them.She said "Hey are you ok?" And i said yea now I am.And smiled at her. I found out her name was "Kimberly".She became my best friend until the end of the school year.I have good hopes for 5th grade.


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