I've read the thread of how this all started and I think that you have taken this way further than it needed to go. You escalated it by pushing racism when there was no racism from what I can see.

Calling someone racist because you didn't take the time or effort to check a community's guidelines and rules is ridiculous, especially seeing as it had nothing to do with race, colour, creed or bubblegum flavour! You didn't follow the rules and then got aggressive. How can you not see that you have warped this out of proportion and now have to deal with the consequences?

As far as I'm aware, your rewards when downvoted do not "go down the drain", they are returned back to the reward pool and then they are allocated to someone more deserving.

So you were upset about the downvotes you received but are now instructing those that vote you to rather keep their votes. You are clearly not worried about getting rewarded for your content then, so why were you so upset about the downvotes to begin with?

Sorry to hear about that but I really appreciate you making your intentions known

Understood. Your idea is good. Some wrong impression remains in the people. He always keeps downvoting. He does not understand the other. He is living only in his own ego. I never thought this could happen. Because I get to look like this for many years. but we will always be with you. Thanks for telling.

Understood... I believe some votes were due to autovoting in the past when I saw some good posts. However since you insist I respect your notice along with what you think is right. I will stop from here.

You may be interested in the comments in this post, including my own, and @meesterboom's.

Hi @galenkp, thanks for the clarity of the situation. Now I see what has been going on...

I think maybe @amirl had some bad financial experiences that has been building up on him from off-line? When I read his comments, something seemed to be bothering and the answers didnt match up with some others and the conversation kept reeling off side ways where everything just fell off.

To me this is water that is spilled on the floor that cannot be picked up. Meaning feelings have been hurt and its not as simple as an apology. I get it.... and I think we as grown ups need to know when its time for a time out and cool heads down a bit. Because I know that both of you guys are great hivers but @amirl bro... words were begining to not make much meaningful communication. But whats done is done...

I repect both of you guys, however in this case I suggest give it some time out. In any society we cannot all be friends with everyone but we should also respect one another's reputation.

The thing with downvotes is that I often see people go totally emotionally unstable and begins to rage. I believe its due to the fact that many dont think rules apply to them and its not ok to do whatever one pleases. Especially when its a decentralized platform then reputation, respect, and morals is so much more important.... we need to behave and get our heads even more straight than the real world.

I remember @amirl posted some pretty good thought provoking posts and it's probably why I had him in my autovote list. :) At the same time I am a huge fan of @galenkp workmanship and how he really puts in work into the community.... there is respect in such content created and its not done just with a flick of a finger no.

I will monitor this situation and I really hope it will not escalate any further from here. Its just dumb to do so.... we are grown men.

give it some time... i keep repeating this.... cause it will help mend and clarify emotions and logic. Give each other space too...

And lets keep moving forward. Today is another day guys. :)

God I love this community... :)

You make some good points and one I picked out is the danger of auto-upvoting. Many people set them and never revisit those being upvoted to ensure the content is worthy of a continued vote. I think there's a lot to be said for a weekly check-in to those being autoed to ensure content integrity.

People ca post and act in any manner they choose and the great thing is, that means others can also, in respect of upvotes or downvotes and comments or posts. People loose their minds over a downvote, or being called out for bad acting, and talk about decentralisation and censorship...But I've found those that do often forget that others have the same freedom to act as they see fit; posting rubbish, spam posting, misuse of communities and tags all come with ramifications...such as downvotes and muting and a person's Hive rep score sinking so low that everything that account posts is instantly muted out for instance. It happens.

I wanted to provide some more perspective for you as I've always found you to be balanced, polite and respectful. That's why I linked the above. Below is a post I wrote yesterday in respect of having a person speak hateful words, it's a story from my youth. It might give you some more perspective in respect of my actions and reactions.

That's about it mate, you have some more perspective and we can all move on and do what we do.