Germany Part 8: Playing Minigolf in Langwied (Fotos + Video)

in #fun7 months ago

It has been 7 months now since COVID started here in Germany and travel is still very limited and risky. So most of the summer Elena and I stayed home waiting for things to get better.

At first, we thought ok well then, at least we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, so we can explore all the mountains, lakes, etc. while everybody is on lockdown.. but it seemed like once it was open again, all the other Germans thought the same and came here! - All vacation time Bavaria was just overcrowded!

There is a thing though that feels a bit like holiday time - Since we did it every family holiday in Italy it does for me at least - Minigolf!!!

GPTempDownload 2.JPG

Today we drove to the next town, Langwied to have some fun at the court!

It is located right next to the lake Langwieder See, leaving the highway - easy to find! And there are a lot of parking lots.


GPTempDownload 2.JPG

Usually, the place would looks like on its official video below:

But since we are still living in times of Corona, there are some rules everybody has to follow while playing:

  1. Until further notice, mouth and nose protection is mandatory when
  • entering the facility
  • during the Loan and return process
  • when buying ice cream, food, or drinks,
  • as well as when walking to the toilets.
  1. The game material lent to you (rackets, balls, writing materials) will be disinfected before the rental.

  2. Only groups of 2 are allowed. Except for families from one household.
    Here are max. 4 people allowed per lane. Since only a limited number of people are allowed to be on the premises, only people playing can access it. Visitors in the play area are not allowed.

  3. An attendance list for mini golf and beer garden is kept. (Name Address, Phone or email, time of attendance)

  4. Play the lanes strictly in the order given, starting with lane 1
    ascending to track 18. Do not go to the next lane until the group in front of you has left this lane.

  5. Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m at all times.

  6. Ice cream and drinks can of course be purchased and taken to the facility.

  7. The toilets are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

Following the rules, we received our rackets and balls and started to play.

GPTempDownload 4.JPG

GPTempDownload 9.JPG

GPTempDownload 5.JPG

GPTempDownload 6.JPG

The first few rounds were pretty easy to play. But like at almost every game the further you come the harder it gets.

Rules of the game

A maximum of 6 tries may be used for each lane (runway 1-18). If the ball then still has not yet been holed, 7 points including one penalty point are recorded.

From the start, the end circles must be reached (runways 1 and 2) or the obstacles must be overcome. If this does not succeed, the hit must be repeated.

If the ball jumps over the barrier behind the obstacle or in the end circle, it must be placed on the marking at the point where it left the lane.

GPTempDownload 10.JPG


GPTempDownload 12.JPG

My personal less favorite one is the volcano! I just never manage to get a one!!..or a two..or 3 hahaha!

GPTempDownload 2.JPG

The weather was just awesome and we were almost by ourselves! Very chill!

GPTempDownload 8.JPG

GPTempDownload 5.JPG

GPTempDownload 4.JPG

GPTempDownload 5.JPG

After about 1 hour playing all 18 holes, the winner was clear! - After the last time, I had won in Itlay, this time Elena was better than me.

GPTempDownload 10.JPG

GPTempDownload 9.JPG

GPTempDownload 8.JPG

What a great day! - At least a little holiday back home ;)

I hope you enjoyed the read. - I will try to find more time to write about my past travels soon! Until then, enjoy the video of the day:



What do I know, it seems you're having the best time with your partner, in my part of the world almost everything has resumed backed to normal.
You're naturally having a blast of you ask me. I wish I can fall in love too.
Well Langwied right? That's amazing, I've never played golf before and I can imagine how it feels, well everywhere seems and looks green and the image of the sunshine at the background of the pictures are stunning. Hahaha you never fail to smile lol cheers, it's been a long time hope you've been generally good?

That is good to hear @josediccus! I hope you are alright 🙂 Yes, long time no see! Here everything is very crazy, but ok..

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