🤩 BRAND NEW DTube Forum 2020 T-Shirts are out! 👕

Hey there!

We've recently released 3 brand new DTube Forum 2020 t-shirt designs you can buy for 20$ each with steem or fiat on our fundition campaign!


Each shirt will have the DTube Forum 2020 logo on the back:


Thank you for all of your support!

Save the date: 2020/05/15 - 2020/05/17

What you can expect of the upcoming DTube Forum 2020?

We are going to rent a venue for Friday or Saturday where everyone got an open stage to promote their project, platform or community. Additionally, to this, we will make live video calls with people from all around the world who are going to talk about their services and dApps so you will learn a lot of things about steem, DTube, and the whole crypto world.

On the other days, we will arrange a bunch of exciting activities, create content together, onboard new users around the city and probably will do a big cleanplanet walk together.

How you can help us to create that event?

We 100% rely on your donations, the author rewards of our posts and the help of our big sponsors to make the upcoming event possible. On our OFFICIAL FUNDITION CAMPAIGN you can find and purchase our backer rewards.

Yes, ticket price is 20 $ so do not hesitate to buy yours right now or give us a little donation!

We are sure that the event will be awesome again and since we have learned a lot by executing the last one, the event will be with fewer hiccups and more cool stuff.

We plan to stream that event live and let you all be attendee over the internet. If you support us with a little donation we will be able to deliver fresh news directly to your couch, working places, and mobile devices!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg next year! Until then you can get in contact with us in the comments or via our discord server

your organization team of the DTUBE FORUM 2020

A biiiiig shoutout to our sponsors:





Those awesome steemians already bought their ticket on https://fundition.io/#!/@dtube.forum/52945tn85:



Great job guys, the shirts look really cool!
Have you ever asked @sirwinchester if he will come by with his Appics Team @appics? Maybe he will do an Appics Workshop? (Video and posting)
After all, they are from Hamburg.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the dtube forum!
Even though I have about 1100km to travel

cheers and a littel bit of !BEER 🤠

Hey buddy, yes we are already in contact with @appics and we will keep you posted about the planning. Looking forward meeting you at the forum 🙌🏼

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Great work and t-shirts looks awesome.

Good to see new merch for DTube, or Steemit, or any of the blockchain progress. Power to you.

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yeahh, i have done! 😎
please, the first design:


cheers 🤠 su in 18 1/2 Weeks or 4 Month and 1 week .....