Numbers, Facts and Sidenotes from 14 January 2020

The DTube Forum is going in its 2nd round and this time we will meet in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany. The DTube Forum 2019 in Barcelona has been a blast and a very special experience for all attendees. Last time we have sown many ideas and new projects, talked about our views on the steemiverse and crypto world and got to know each other (besides simply having a lot of fun!).

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What you can expect of the upcoming DTube Forum 2020?

We are going to rent a venue for Friday or Saturday where everyone got an open stage to promote their project, platform or community. Additionally, to this, we will make live video calls with people from all around the world who are going to talk about their services and dApps so you will learn a lot of things about steem, DTube, and the whole crypto world.

On the other days, we will arrange a bunch of exciting activities, create content together, onboard new users around the city and probably will do a big cleanplanet walk together.

How you can help us to create that event?

We 100% rely on your donations, the author rewards of our posts and the help of our big sponsors to make the upcoming event possible. On our OFFICIAL FUNDITION CAMPAIGN you can find and purchase our backer rewards.

Yes, ticket price is 20 $ so do not hesitate to buy yours right now or give us a little donation!

We are sure that the event will be awesome again and since we have learned a lot by executing the last one, the event will be with fewer hiccups and more cool stuff.

We plan to stream that event live and let you all be attendee over the internet. If you support us with a little donation we will be able to deliver fresh news directly to your couch, working places, and mobile devices!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg next year! Until then you can get in contact with us in the comments or via our discord server

your organization team of the DTUBE FORUM 2020

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Here Is the behavior of the people in dtube community...



Actions speak louder than words...

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Id love to have a conversation with someone at dtube.

Had an issue and @tibfox told upload to YouTube. Let alone gave me nothing but attitude and issues as well as blaming me because I tried to report a problem to you.

If he isn't qualified to handle the issues and complaints why is he harassing people and throwing flags?

So far this has been pretty petty. And has encouraged me to post about this. Which I making this loser flag me.for telling the truth.

And here you are honoring this guy that's making a mess out of your supporters and giving you bad press.

Id love to talk to someone that really has dtube credentials. As this person admits they don't and are blaming the user for experiencing a known problem and as well trying to help dtube become.more accessable to more users.

Which it has never been perfect. It's always been a fight to load videos. And even then that's not the only issue.

People have tried to talk with you and are getting blamed from this user? Maybe this user shouldn't be destroying your reputation and giving out negative support....

Voting and sharing this... Maybe we can talk and get this situation resolved.

@heimindanger I'd love to talk with you about this person and their actions and the impact it's having on dtube's image.

By all means here is the behavior I'm talking about. Part of it...

Today he has went on quite the flag rampage. Although our entire interaction has been on discord and blockchain... It's highly suspect that you habe this as an honored person that blames a user for an issue.

Well if this is the service you give to the people that try to use and support dtube? It's going to go downhill fast.

Just tried to get whatever the issue was... Fixed.

Your good friend and honored person tibfox then destabilized the conversation and issue. And now escalation to flag war and here is the proof.

Why is he getting huge dtube votes and abusing the users? Is that what dtube supports?

I'm going to use this as a open reply post as well on my blog.

Thanks dtube. Maybe I can help get things straightened around and back to posting.

I'm sure that dtube doesn't condone this behavior and opinion to just post on YouTube...

Which was something I was sold on. As was that you will never host HD videos.

Lol you think we have something to do with officially? We are a volunteering community event which has nothing to do with me in person. Go shout out anywhere else. For example on my profile.

Oh and thanks in the name of my friends of the team for your resteem. You are awesome