Full Moon Harvest (Amanita muscaria)

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If you’re new here, welcome to my blog! If you have been around before, thanks for coming back!

This is my first #fungifriday post and what better way than to show of my Amanita muscaria harvest from this week.


It seemed like the season was ending here in Northern Germany, but Wednesday after the full moon I thought I would just drive by the woods and have a look.

Well I didn’t have to look far, growing right near the road were some of the best specimens I have seen this year (minus the haul I got from the kindergarten).


I didn’t have my camera with me in the woods, but check out these beauties once I got them home.


I saw a guy on YouTube eat of bunch of these mushrooms and he said he didn’t feel anything then went into a huge rant about how beautiful they are, pretty funny. So I made a gif for the “shimmering turbine blades”.

After screwing around making videos and taking pictures, I got them cleaned up and put them out to dry.


I have updated my drying technique a little bit, I skipped the window screen this time and put them right by the fire. This seemed to work much better and faster! Once you get the feel of it, you can learn how to keep the fire just right so they don’t get burnt.


Here they are all dried up, you can see after the dying process they lose quite a bit of volume.


I think that should be enough to get me through the year. I don’t want to over harvest and damage the crop next year, (post edit: this is ignorance on my part because you can't damage the crop by over-harvesting, this mushroom was made to be picked to spread its spores!) but I try to only pick the ones that have dropped their spores. When the Amanita’s reach maturity a skirt drops from under the gills releasing spores to fertilize the mycorrhiza in the soil, then they are good to pick.


Check out the funny video I was talking about, I love this guys videos.


So, after all, the Vikings may have used mushrooms in their spiritual quest. Dried fly fungus!

Wow those are gorgeous looking. Like real fairytale stuff Haha!

Aren't they beautiful! My new obsession if you can't tell 🤣

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Amazing specimens, I have seen a bunch of those that big too around here! And thanks to you, I am not scared anymore to pick them! 😆

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Thank you! I am glad to hear that, they have such a bad rap. Nature’s healers.

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Niiiice, some monsters ! afaik they’re supposed to be boiled, then toss the water and boiled again.. I don’t think eating them without this technique is advisable but I’ve only tried them from already prepared and packaged sources.


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Thank you! Once dried I boil 15g in 1 cup water for about half an hour. Then I strain it and drink it in lemon tea. I put about 1ml in the tea, I don't feel any intoxicating effects only lessened anxiety, more creativity, and overall better experience of the world 🤣😁 Thanks again! 🍄🍄🍄

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All good, whatever makes the world a better place I say have it 🍄

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Well, you learn something every day! That's why mushrooms go from closed cup to open cup, to release their spores. Makes sense when you think about it, I guess. Lol!

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Hahaha yup that's how some do it! Nature is freaking smart!

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Holy balls those are some damned nice ones!!! That big one looks like a yard umbrella! The drying looks like it works nicely and quickly!

I love it when they hold onto their white spots like that! It's just unreal to me to see them towering out of the ground in the middle of a green forest. They are quite something!

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Here you get a fine when picking those. No matter when you pick 'm.

That's crazy to me. I wonder why? 🧐 everything else is legal there! 🤣

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What do you use them for after they are dried like that?
That gif there is hypnotizing :)

Happy FungiFriday :)

Haha, thanks! I take 15grams dried and boil it in one cup of water for half an hour. Then I drain the water and use it for tea. It helps with sleep and anxiety. Really soothing.

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Ohhh Thanks!
That's so new to me :)

Hello, these look beautiful. Although I walk a lot I did not come across such specimens :-)

Thank you! Where do you live?

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Thank you so much!

I actually loved pretty much the sight of these full jars... and all the rest, as well!

Thank you! It’s the most wonderful time of the year 😂

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I totally agree with you on that. =)

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Whoa!!! Cool! Thanks so much! That’s awesome!

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lol! Howdy sir badger! That video is pretty dang funny. Those are remarkable though and that one you got in your left hand is a big one! Great photos and text sir badger!

Thank you @janton!

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