#FungiFriday fun challenge - Therapeutic fly agaric 2

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Hello to all!
recipes from old bamboo

I have already shown the beginning of the process
It's time to finish this topic.
A few fly agarics will come to the podium for a start.

Now we continue the process.
So, we gathered mushrooms in the forest, cleaned them of garbage, put their hats in a glass jar, pressed them tightly and put the jar in a dark cool place.

Теперь продолжим процесс.
Итак, мы собрали грибы в лесу, очистили их от мусора, сложили шляпки в стеклянную банку, плотно прижали и поставили банку в тёмное прохладное место.

I didn’t have enough fly agarics to the full can last time.
It is hard to calculate right away.
I had to go into the forest and collect more mushrooms.

Мне не хватило мухоморов до полной банки прошлый раз.
Это трудно рассчитать сразу.
Пришлось пойти в лес и насобирать ещё мухоморов.

Amanita in a bank managed to allocate juice.
This is how it looks.

Мухоморы в банке успели выделить сок.
Вот так это выглядит.

It turned out another small jar of mushrooms.

Хватило ещё на маленькую банку. Пусть будет

I again put both cans in a dark, cool place.
Now for a long time, about a month.
When the juice is completely ready, it must be carefully filtered into a separate bowl.
To store it, I add 30% spitra (1: 3) and put it in the refrigerator.
Remember, any substance can be a medicine or poison. It all depends on the dose.

Обе банки я опять поставил в тёмное прохладное место.
Теперь уже надолго, примерно на месяц.
Когда сок будет полностью готов, надо его аккуратно отфильтровать в отдельную посуду.
Для его хранения я добавляю 30% спитра (1:3) и убираю в холодильник
Помните, любое вещество может быть лекарством или ядом. Всё зависит от дозы._**



Very good mushroom)))

My pleasure :))

I have a very short memory, or have missed it. What is that juice used for after?

this juice can be used for rubbing sore spots and taking the medicine inside. . Bruises, sprains, sore joints, rheumatism and more.
You can take a few drops before bedtime or before exercise. What you ask, you will receive :D)

Can we rub it into market and make Steem go up? :D

a good idea.
I could try :D)

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опять с пивом что-то не так? ))

да ваще, прокатывает меня чувак. кидает, даже. словно чует, что я пивас не любитель

вот и я не особо))

а что ты любишь (кроме чая и мухоморов?)

картинка "мухоморы на сковородке" и прямо таки чудится бутылка маслица заботливо подставленная рядом... просто мем какой-то. вот что реально взрывает мозг! а не лсд какая-то разбодяженная фотошопного разлива...

Мне их просто некуда было сложить для временного размещения. )))
Но картинка неожиданно срослась))

Interesting recipe i didn't know it could be used topically.

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It can be used as rubbing alcohol.
You can also make an ointment: wax, gum, fat and fly agaric.

is it made with alcohol or water?

do you know DMSO?

There is no alcohol or water here. This pink juice is extracted from the mushroom itself.

Do you mean his water solution Dimexide?

how comes the liquid out of the shrooms? looked like a tincture..

I mean dimethylesulfoxide :) it's great cuz it is soluble in water and liposoluble :)
and more good effects

The liquid comes out on its own. Amanita muscariae are packed tightly into a glass jar and placed in a cool dark place. I don't have a cellar, so I put it in the refrigerator. Now the can is 100% pure juice with an annual aging.
You mean to use dimethyl sulfoxide as a solvent? I haven't tried this, but it's interesting. What should be its concentration so that it is harmless to ingest and use externally?

that really depends, I recommend you to read into DMSO, it's REALLY interesting!
and I think will also play a vital/ important role to our autonomy and health in future.. especially cuz it's pretty cheap

(if you put one drop of DMSO on ur hand, you will nearly instantly taste it in ur mouth - it has really interesting effects! especially for medicine! ;))

sadly I dont know good english sources for information.. I'm german..

but I did a cannabis tincture (dissolved in pure DMSO) and after weeks, when the tincture was done, added the same amount of water (DMSO 1:1 water)
can drop on tongue

but if you don't find anything good or have more question I can write something.. already planned to write a post :)

but my life is a mess.. got tooo many unfinished posts in the pipeline.. so much interesting to learn.. and fucking coroanazis everywhere.. although I already have permanent pain.. but nobody cares :)

Thanks. I've already read several resources about this substance. I had experience of using it, but it was a long time ago and I forgot about this substance. Thanks for reminding me. I think that in combination with the red fly agaric it will be an excellent external product.
My native language is Russian and there is a lot of DMSO information in Russian.
Thanks again. Take care of yourself :)

great old russian tradition! :)
I've used dmso to cure my ripped shoulder internally and externally :)

to store it, I add 30% spitra (1: 3) and put it in the refrigerator

what is spitra?


do you know bella donna? :D

Yes, I meant alcohol
I have heard of this plant that contains atropine, but I have never used it for myself.