Symbiosis of mushrooms and beech /Fungi Friday/

in #fungifriday6 months ago

We made a short trip around Mladeč caves four weeks ago. I knew the photo of mushrooms on beech will be good for #fungifriday (challenge hold by @ewkaw). The ways how nature works are simply amazing.



Před měsícem jsme si udělali výlet na krátkou procházku po naučné stezce kolem Mladečských jeskyní (na základě postu od @pavelsku). No když každý týden vídám fotky hub v rámci #fungifriday, které pořádá @ewkaw, tak jsem prostě musel fotit.


They found the perfect little gap there :)
Happy Fungifriday! :

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oh! a nice foto I cant vote and appreciate -- but still good for me to enjoy it.
I wish you better post it directly to the FungiLovers community, which I watch on everyday basis?..

Thanks for stepping by... You're right, I would post directly into the FungiLovers next time ;)

well... I do not insist, but I'd be a little bit more happy.


Good morning!