Monday Micro!

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Just what you need to see?, when you come Home Late and Hungry from Work!


I never realised that this suggestion was the cure?


Describes it perfectly ? ( and no Sun-Screen)


All arrived via WhatsApp , and YouTube not my property.
Captions are my Own.

When Van Morrison was 17 He sang and started writing Songs in a Band called Them.

I could not find a Video for Here comes the Night by Them ?, but did find it in his Solo Career , which lasted many years!

And then , when I met My Wife, Chris , I was always playing this Song for Her ( on 8 Track Tape)


!LOLZ good start to a Monday, nice music to end off, attached to fond memories. Trust you are all well!

Hi Joan, now that Covid is supposedly under control have had a constant Cold for weeks. How are you doing?

Going nowhere slowly in Toti, since floods roads still not repaired, pump stations not working, now talk of rolling blackouts, what's new?

Flu still doing it's rounds with snot monster colds, all quiet on the home front about covid, doubt they will ever get their vaccine taken by majority who are super wary of everything of late.

Sun-screen fact is very much humour and creativity too.