My Unpleasant Experience With the Market Women

in #funnylast month (edited)

When I go to the market, market women, as is the custom in my country Nigeria (I don't know about yours), always call me sweet names. They do this so that I would buy from them. Like I would be passing by and a market woman would call to me and say "handsome boy, fine young man, come and buy from me".

I know they do it to me and other passersby just to make us buy from them but it still gave me good feelings all over to be complimented in this way.

MARKET WOMAN: Handsome young man, come and buy from me!

ME: (With a grin) Well, you're not bad looking, yourself. How much are the cabbages?

It went on like this until one day I saw them call someone else "handsome guy, come and buy from me". I turned to look at the guy they were calling, to see if he looked anything like me, but to my horror this guy was an ugly dude! Motherfucker looked like Thanos!

images (47).jpeg


I was hurt. Heartbroken!

images (48).jpeg


Like, I knew they called us handsome just in order to make us feel good and buy but I thought there was a standard! I thought there was at least a minimum requirement, a minimum level of looks you had to have attained before you got the compliments. So it was actually a matter of anything goes. Oh!




It's all about the money ...

Hahahaha 😂
Clearly! Nothing else seems to matter.

Nice cabbages though...

Hahahaha. Not anymore

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Perhaps you are frequenting the wrong market my brother.... Lol...

This was fun to read.


Lol. Thanks for stopping by, bro👍