Why I Can't be a Waiter

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Why I Can't be a Waiter



I have never been a waiter before but I've been to restaurants a lot as a foodie, I have been watching waiters for a long time and I have come to the conclusion that I cannot be a waiter!

For these two reasons:

1. I am a foodie and I can't handle all that food without eating some of them at the wrong time sometimes when no one is looking 😂😂😂

That would be very hard for me. I know as a waiter you can get the chance to eat food from the restaurant you work in, like during your lunch breaks, but lunch breaks are 'the right times' to eat. Someone from the kitchen gifting you some meals is also a 'right time'. I'm talking about eating at the wrong time, like imagine someone ordering foods that I like and I have to take it from the kitchen to them. How can I take it to them without me pinching some of the food? It would be really really hard for me. I could even just take a bite on the way out of pure instinct and reflex.

2. I would be very angry when customers don't finish their food.

I would have liked to eat customers food when they don't finish them but I am the kind of person that cannot eat strangers food after they have touched it. So instead of eating it I'd be angry that they didn't finish it, because I love food so much and I never leave leftovers. Seeing someone leaving theirs would hurt me. Like, do you know how much I love that food? And do you know how much I would have loved to eat that? And you're here taking just a little and leaving the rest over as waste, fuck is wrong with you? I might even stop the customer from leaving and go like:

ME: I'm sorry sir but you have to finish your meal

CUSTOMER: Thank you but I'm filled.

ME: Man, I said get back and finish your meal!

CUSTOMER: But I said I'm filled, I can't take anymore.

ME: (Pulling out a gun and pointing it at the customer) Hey, I said get the fuck back and finish your damn meal, I ain't playing with you, brody!

CUSTOMER: (Shaking, rushes back to the table and forces all the food in his mouth, doesn't even use the spoon or fork)

Then after he's done I'd smile cordially:

ME: Thank you for patronizing us, Sir, please come around next time. We have sea foods and intercontinental dishes during the weekends.


Would you like a wafer with that?

Hahahaha, or should I pull out the gun again?

Hahahaha 😂, aren't you just the go-to man for these sort of things!😂

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Hahahha, loved the end, totally could imagine it. I thought of you the other day as I wrote a funny blog about garlic, but I totally forgot your username. Glad I found you again, you really make me laugh.

Heheheh, my pleasure😀
Thanks for dropping by again @riverflows😊
Let me find your garlic blog.



Your not the only one who likes his food..

Hahahaha 😂
I think I see why Trump never made it as a waiter.

This made me laugh and I can relate to you. I love food and I always finish my plate. Although, as of late, I started to listen a little more to my body ( I am hitting 40 in October), trying not to overeat or just eat out of habit / boredom.

I feel I have been eating too much since I was a little kid, trying to compensate my premature size. This aint necessary any longer, asI grew to 6 foot 1 but the feeling of being small is deeply ingraved, apparently.

I can’t stand it when people waste or throw away food though!

Hahahaha. Cool. Nice to meet you, look how alike we are😂. Great job on listening to your body, doesn't really sound like an easy conversation 😀

Nice to meet you too.

Easy stuff is boring ;<)

I like challenges ( where I would call it problems and struggle loads, in the past ) and aim to level up, step by little raptor step.

See you around!